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"Bills Release Moorman"
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09/25/2012 12:55PM
Report: Bills Release Moorman
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09/25/2012 1:25PM
Brian has been a long-term asset for the Bills. But he had declined in ability, netting less yards and fewer dropping inside the red zone. I am sure most fans will wish him well. I certainly do. Russ Cleversley
09/25/2012 1:30PM
Bills Release Moorman
That's it? No explanation?
09/25/2012 3:35PM
Thanks for everything! Was fun watching you play!
09/25/2012 4:55PM
Logic Here?
I do not find this one logical at this point in the season. He has been a seasonal standout. This one looks like an emotional error. Did someone have words after a bad punt Sunday and this is teh result?
09/25/2012 5:13PM
Brian Moorman
What in the world is going on???? He'll end up being picked up by a GOOD team and end up with a Super Bowl ring. he's actually one of the few bright spots on the team that deserves one. Actually, good for Brian!!!!
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