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"VIDEO:Students Jab at Govt. Calorie Limits in School Lunches"
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09/26/2012 11:56AM
VIDEO:Students Jab at Govt. Calorie Limits in School Lunches
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09/26/2012 4:10PM
Pretty Lame. Because Obesity Is Our Right!
Maybe Million Dollar Mitt could loan money to all these starving high school kids? Oh, wait. That would be redistribution. My bad.
09/26/2012 7:45PM
...and I'm not talking about people's belts. There are plenty of things to criticize government over. Government forcing kids to eat better isn't one of them.
09/26/2012 8:29PM
give me a break michelle obama kids are starving in new yorks lunch rooms
my daughter is in kindergarden she doesent know any better about calories but i do know she comes home from school and says the food is yukky most of the time its ridiculous as us citizens we have the right to pick the food we want for our children somthing needs to change
09/30/2012 6:39PM
Its not the food! If these kid would go out and play, run around, and get some exercise there would be no problem. The government will not and can not fix this problem. The onus is on the parents to make their kids go out and play instead of sitting their fat asses on the couch and play games or text on the phone. This is clearly not a case of you are what you eat. I can't tell you the last time I saw kids having a pick up football game in the street or kick the can or dodge ball etc... Take away the computer and phone and make them get out and get exercise.
10/01/2012 5:18AM
One does NOT have to go with 'school lunches" one can BROWN BAG IT. I did that when I was going to school, saved the money to buy other things I needed or wanted. I survived just fine on home lunches, RARELY did I par take of the school cusine of "mystery meat" and other unknown edibles.
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