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"Suspect Identified in Reed Murder"
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09/27/2012 3:44PM
Suspect Identified in Reed Murder
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09/27/2012 8:38PM
Rob Taglianetti Wanted
This is a horrible tragic time. So many lives are being shattered because of Keith Reed who was having an affair with Rob Taglinettis's wife, a mother of four. Rob begged this man to stay away from his wife. Rob Taglinetti suffered from mental illness and was Bi-polar and was a ticking time bomb and people knew. This was a love triangle and a scorned man over his family that has cause this tragic murder, and loss to so many lives that will never be the same again. The children affected are the only innocent ones. No one deserves to be murdered ever. But everyone has seen these types of situations that end only tragic. People that have mental illness should never be underestimated. Both Rob and Keith were educated men and they both should of known better and how both of their actions would have the potential to destroy countless lives that includes children. Keith Reed did not deserve to die, but if more people cared about how their actions, sin and selfishness destroyed others perhaps there would be far less of these kinds of avoidable tragedies. May God have mercy on their souls and the hurt families and communities that they leave behind.
09/28/2012 7:33PM
Distasteful Reporting
I can not believe that John Zak did a report on this guy's facebook account and mentioned the names and ages of his children. Total "Dirty Laundry" reporting. Shame on you. And shame on WBEN for airing it.
09/30/2012 5:29PM
Response to Rob Taglianetti Wanted
I agree that this is a horrible tragic time. My problem with your response is that you only target Keith as having the affair. A love triangle as you refer to, involves 3. Mary Jenks has to be held accountable as well. Where is her concern for her 4 children when she made he choice to be involved with Keith. I also wonder and question how it can be stated that an affair was taking place if Rob and Mary are separated, and she lives in DC.?
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