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"Brady leads Pats to 52-28 rout of Bills"
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10/01/2012 5:51AM
Brady leads Pats to 52-28 rout of Bills
SO now what....
10/01/2012 8:48AM
The Bills actually won.
I'm a big Romney supporter. The scoreboard was "skewed" and "biased" in favor of the Patriots. Numbers don't reflect our wishes. 52-28 only represented "registered scorers" and not "likely scorers". We're once again victims of liberal reality-bias. Mega dittos!
10/01/2012 9:47AM
Stupid, but funny. Sadly there really is a difference between registered voters and likely voters. To argue otherwise is as dumb as assuming the Bills are a great team when the record shows otherwise.
10/01/2012 1:26PM
RE when the record shows otherwise.
It's as dumb as assuming Republicans are somehow suddenly good for the country despite all we've seen for fifty years.
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