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Memo to Self: Know the Words to the Anthem!

I'm thinking if you're asked to sing the national anthem before the start of any event, you should really take it seriously and learn the words and music.  We've all heard poor renditions of the anthm over the years.  Usually it's simply some artistic twist on the music that makes it go bad.  But the singer usually knows the lyrics and doesn;t need the crowd to sing along and provide the "bouncing ball".

Singer Alexis Normand is Canadian, so it may be understandable that she is not completely familiar with all the words to "The Star-Spangled Banner."

But I'm thinking she should have learned the lyrics before agreeing to sing the  anthem of the United States before Saturday's Memorial Cup hockey game between the Portland Winterhawks and Halifax Mooseheads.

After successfully belting out "O Canada," Normand tackled Francis Scott Key's famous song. Here is what happened:

This sort of makes Rosanne Barr look like a Grammy winner, doesn't it?

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05/20/2013 8:59AM
Memo to Self: Know the Words to the Anthem!
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