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What impact did the first debate have on your voting decision?
It changed my mind!
( 6% )
It solidified my vote!
( 56% )
Made no change in my decision.
( 38% )
"Debate #1: Clash Over Economy"
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10/03/2012 10:00PM
Debate #1: Clash Over Economy
Who do you think was stronger?.
10/04/2012 9:49AM
Willard's a liberal now?
He likes some aspects of Obamacare and won't gut the middle class?? That's new ... you don't win the GOP nomination these days by being rational or humane. This is exactly how Romney made his fortune at Bain: reassuring a company that he and his vulture capitalist buddies were going to rescue it, keeping everyone off-guard while setting them up for the kill.
10/04/2012 7:26PM
I use to be a Republican but I am now an Independent. If I knew Mitt Romney was that sharp, I would have voted for him in the last election's primary instead of John mcCain. Obama was really lack luster. He was very out of character. He actually had a rather creepy look on his face.The station I watched the debate on had opinons from callers. I couldn't help but notice the really ignorant callers supported obama all the way. Hope these half witts don't out number the rest!
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