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"After The Debate:Romney, Obama Roll On"
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10/05/2012 7:08AM
After The Debate:Romney, Obama Roll On
Ok, So the first debate is done. Now what?
10/05/2012 11:49AM
So Willard walked back his 47 percent observations.
How about you WBEN? Also too? It seems you enthusiastically agreed with him when the video was released. "Now what"?
10/06/2012 1:35PM
I did watch the Presidential Debate from start to finish, LIVE, and seen and heard everything that was said with all the tones, inflections, nervousness, facial expressions and attitudes that go along with such an exchange. And I’ve read very many comments that are usually included at the end of all these news articles about this debate. And there are many. So many that I had to keep scrolling back up to keep the comment that I was reading from scrolling out of sight from all the new comments being added. There is a very definite division between both parties. So much so that it can be described as extremely heated and highly emotional, or more accurately stated over-emotional. More so than I’ve seen in any of the elections I’ve seen so far. I was born when Truman was President, entered my teens when Eisenhower was President, grieved with the nation when Kennedy was assassinated, went to South-East Asia for a year and a half when I was 19 and was one of the lucky ones to come home and so forth. And like most Americans I was aware of politics, knew who was running, what their policies were and what they were promising and voted when I should, but actually followed my favorite sports team more than politics. But I have never seen more division in any past election than what is presented here in this one. The venom is just dripping throughout every comment section you go to, from both sides. This is more than just mud-slinging which is what everyone expects during an election, this is more like trying to gut your opponent. It actually started somewhat lightly four years ago, but is in full force today and now seems to be the accepted form of campaigning for the future. So be it. But what the candidates should remember is that common Americans have a brain and are intelligent people. We can actually figure out with a good degree of accuracy who is fake and who is sincere. Lies are a little more difficult but can be exposed with a degree of digging for the facts. Facts are facts. One thing that I’ve noticed throughout all these comments sections is that all the venomous negative comments being written by self-centered, self-important, better than thou/smarter than thou Democratic supporters being used against Romney are actually very good descriptions of Obama. It’s as if they have a good grasp of Obama’s faults, have verbalized them and put them in writing and are trying to turn the tables and use them against Romney. It’s like someone in the Obama camp came up with the idea of listing Obama’s faults and then said “Hey, these are some very nasty and negatives things, let’s say these things about Romney. Yeah, let’s take that approach.” It’s as if the Obama camp is playing the “sticks and stones” card or the ‘no I’m not, you are” card. And what is with Obama attacking Romney about the Big Bird statement. “Come on Man”. After all the important negative points that Romney brought up about your last four years in office the only come back you have is to MOCK Romney about a “Big Bird” statement? What are you, in the 8th grade? Everyone has experienced that obnoxious adolescent in the 8th grade who would mock someone in the class and get most everyone to go along laughing at that person with him. Most did because they were adolescent also and didn’t learn until later in life that that kid was only doing it to divert any negative attention away from him. And this seems to be the role that Obama is taking now. Instead of answering those hard questions about his presidency, he’s choosing to divert the negative attention about his last four years by employing the “mocking card”. I think it’s time we get this 8th grade mentality out of the White House along with his obviously 8th grade mentality advisors also, and get a serious adult to take charge.
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