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"VDEO: Obama Campaign Ad Featuring ... Big Bird"
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10/09/2012 12:35PM
VDEO: Obama Campaign Ad Featuring ... Big Bird
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10/09/2012 1:21PM
Sesame Workshop wants no part of this...
From another news channel: Sesame Workshop has asked the Obama campaign to take down a new TV ad that prominently features the famous talking bird, in a satirical spot mocking Mitt Romney for calling for an end to PBS subsidies.
10/09/2012 3:14PM
What a brilliantly clever and well executed SNL-ish distraction to the real issues of this election. Who cares that what the real issues are, anyway, as long as you can make us laugh & not think. Well played, Obama campaign. Well played.
10/09/2012 4:57PM
RE Beautiful
You are so right ... all we have to do is cut PBS funding and all our problems will be solved, rather than cut taxes for billionaires we can PAY them for being our awesome overlords. Mega dittos!
10/09/2012 6:40PM
PBS will go off the air for good because of Lack of TV Ratings and lots of people watching Cable and
Nobody watches PBS anymore because everybody has cable and satellite these days. I bet Mitt Romney will put Sesame Street off the air and put PBS off the air for good. Sesame Street is 43 years old now and will die at 43. Little kids these days can watchNick Jr., Disney Jr., and Sprout. R.I.P. PBS 1970-2013.
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