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Surf & Turf from Mulberry Café
Surf & Turf from Mulberry Café

Breaking the Chain: Local Restaurant Week Kicks Off October 15

Time to map out plans for the Fall 2012 Local Restaurant Week mission!

Sashimi Sampler from Seabar
Happening every autumn and spring, 200 restaurants around Western New York will be serving up terrific food and specials from Monday, October 15 through Sunday, October 21 as part of the ever expanding tradition that celebrates the dynamic role local, independent eateries play in our economy and quality of life. 

From Corfu to Clarence, from Wilson to Williamsville, Local Restaurant Week is the ideal way   to visit places you’ve always wanted to try or chow down at a place you haven’t dropped by in a long time, all for a fixed price of $20.12! Check out the list at

Pasta Bolognese from
Ristorante Lombardo
On October 10, organizers hosted a preview night at Mike A’s at The Lafayette. Paired with local wines, we enjoyed a fabulous feast that was as sumptuous as it was varied. The Sashimi Sample appetizer from Seabar was fresh and delicious and paired beautifully with the crisp Gewurtztraminer wine from Chateau Niagara. A hearty Pasta Bolognese from Ristorante Lombardo came next with a lovely Meritage Reserve from Arrowhead Spring. Mike A’s served up a delicious Foie Gras Burger, which was followed by Surf & Turf from Mulberry Café. Leonard Oakes Estate Winery poured a refreshing Riesling, perfect for the explosion of flavor on the plate.

Foie Gras Burger from Mike A’s at the Lafayette

And what’s a food orgy without dessert? AcQua Restaurant ended our extravaganza with a Cheesecake Quartet—silky rich and just right with the Sparkling Ice Wine from Johnson Estate Winery.

Cheesecake Quartet from
AcQua Restaurant
Like many foodies, I’m plotting out my plan for next week’s food fun. I will always patronize independent, locally-owned restaurants because I like to support people who are putting food on their table by putting food on my table.
As they say at LRW:  "Dine Often. Dine Local. Dine Well!" That’s my mantra too!

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