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"Poloncarz Stands By OP Stadium; Downtown Booster Heads To City Hall"
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10/22/2012 8:17AM
Poloncarz Stands By OP Stadium; Downtown Booster Heads To City Hall
Is the Ralph worth renovating?
10/22/2012 10:53AM
Look Around. The only people stupid enough to still live in WNY are here because they are too old to relocate, and they won't go to the games at the Ralph BECAUSE IT IS TOO COLD. Build a domed stadium downtown and you may attract more of the older fans. Forget about the younger fans, they've either left already or don't have a job, and can't buy tickets anyway.
10/22/2012 12:55PM
Bills suck
The Bills have been a financial drain on the county and the state forever. Let them go and be a burden to someone else.
10/23/2012 7:55PM
Pat Freeman on his web site
Stated that the cement study will show a cost between $300 and $600 million. We will see if this guy is full of it or knows his stuff.
10/23/2012 8:47PM
The reason Buffalo fails to move forward is because people (like the above) always say "no" right away. It's why the waterfront has lagged. Start with "why not" and work through how to make it happen. Guarantee these folks have never accomplished a thing of significance in their life.
10/23/2012 11:05PM
get it done
stop with the short sightness and build a new stadium downtown.
10/24/2012 8:40PM
Get after it!
I would much rather see a new stadium on the water front than put a ton of money into the Ralph...Although it would cost much more for a new stadium and the fact more highways to and from the a stadium on the water front will be needed. I love the concept! I think we need to look at the long term here! This could be the shot in the arm Buffalo has needed for years!! I have been a Bills fan for many years and I am in hopes that can continue here in Buffalo where the Bills belong!! Go Bills!!
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