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"Trump's Card: $5 Million to Obama's Charity of Choice for Records"
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10/24/2012 12:35PM
Trump's Card: $5 Million to Obama's Charity of Choice for Records
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10/24/2012 12:39PM
"the least transparent president in history"
Without looking, you can easily guess that this loudmouth idiot's in favor of the Citizens United ruling. And get rid of that dead animal on his head already.
10/24/2012 12:57PM
Great idea!
Time for Willard to release his tax returns and show us what he's been trying to hide.
10/24/2012 2:07PM
Tit for tat
How about releasing Romney's tax records?
10/24/2012 3:35PM
Please stop...
Who cares what Trump thinks our President cannot be bought. Trump sounds like the robber barons of yesteryear.
10/24/2012 3:37PM
I have an idea!
Why not tell Donald Trump...the oft times bankrupted executive who was saved by big banks because Trump Enterprises was deemed 'too big to fail' GO TO FREAKIN' HELL!! WHO CARES WHAT HE THINKS!!
10/24/2012 3:49PM
Obama won't!
Barry Soetoro does not want the world to know the real him. He went to school with nobody. Nobody remembers teaching him. Nobody can find his thesis. Nobody knows what he stands for..... BUT he hoodwinked the American people in 2008..... Trump won't be signing any check to pay this challenge because Obama does not want the truth known...
10/24/2012 3:52PM
tat for tit
Romney's tax records were released weeks ago. Get out from under your leftist rock.
10/24/2012 5:17PM
Romney's done that
Why are all you libs so obssessed with Romney's tax returns, He has released more then what is required, yet you don't give the least bit of interest in what Obama is hiding? Obama has refused to release ANY of his college papers or ANY of transcripts, so what is he REALLY hiding???
10/24/2012 8:31PM
who cares
How does this help anybody but the charity....seriously...donate whatever you want and expect nothing in return
10/25/2012 6:09AM
Romney's transparent?
I'd kinda like to know more about his financial dealings and who he's done business with. THAT would tell us an important story.
10/25/2012 12:20PM
Can anyone say...
PT Barnum? Trump is leveraged to the hilt...deep in debt, been thru several bankruptcies. He is a carnival side show - why WBEN would consider this "news" is beyond me. Plus he sell ties and his wife hawks fake jewels on QVC - all made in China.
10/25/2012 1:51PM
Here's hussein's chance to redistribute the wealth.What's this fraud hiding the marxist professors he admired or the fact that some communist payed his way.Hussein is going out of his way to hide the college records for a reason.Good for Trump.This is a no brainer for Hussein if has nothing to hide.5 million to charity.Wont really matter either way he's going home to get his shinebox come nov.6.Romney in a landslide.
10/25/2012 3:52PM
Romney did release his tax records. Keep up with the current events. The Charity will not see a dime, Obama will not release anything this country would then see who is really isn't
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