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"NHL Cancels November Games"
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10/26/2012 2:38PM
NHL Cancels November Games
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10/28/2012 10:17AM
I think it's time the Fans took over and spoke up about this Non Hockey Season as well as ALL sports. When leagues Choose to Cancel Season, They ought to think about the Fans First. Seeing as WE help pay for there Salary's. If WE as fans would NOT GO TO ONE Sports Event. Have the Players look at the Empty Arenas what do you think they would do Next? WE DO NOT NEED ATHLETES!! THEY NEED US!! When as Fans does ENOUGH mean ENOUGH!! With the Way this Economy is. They should be Taking Pay Cuts Just to have a Job.. Wish I knew How to Get some Backing for FANS AGAINST ATTENDING SPORTING EVENTS Started.. Remember all it would take is for US as Loyal Fans to NOT GO TO ONE SPORTING EVENT FOR ONE DAY!!!
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