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"CBS Poll: Obama Leads Romney By One Point"
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10/30/2012 5:45PM
CBS Poll: Obama Leads Romney By One Point
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10/31/2012 6:31AM
Obama Leads Romney By One Point
Obama's dismal and stalled job approval rating and his sub-fifty percent of likely voters in Michigan and ohio render the author's comment..."Mr. Obama's approval rating overall is 50 percent; 42 percent disapprove," as highly unlikely. The low or weak minority(black)turn-out in black dominated cities in Michigan like, Detroit, Flint, Pontiac spell doom for obama. This combined with the sitting president likely voters under 50% means obama is a one termer.
10/31/2012 2:14PM
Greg Saunders ‏@waltisfrozen
If Obama wins electoral college but loses popular vote, by tradition he's allowed massive debt, irresponsible tax bills, and two wars.
10/31/2012 2:19PM
If we're stupid enough to actually elect Willard we deserve the resulting catastrophe.
Bye bye jobs and middle class, hello theocracy, hello barbarians on the Supreme Court, bye bye civil rights. All because uneducated and resentful people, primarily in the south, are led by media charlatans into voting against their own interests.
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