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"Turnout Expected to Be High Today"
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11/05/2012 5:49PM
Turnout Expected to Be High Today
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11/06/2012 6:44AM
Voted early with WBEN on the radio
Boy o boy, at 6:22 am Limbaugh came on and just spewed forth a litany of half-truths, distortions, and outright lies. Hopefully most people aren't gullible enough to believe anything they hear through the right-wing media because it's just about all worthless trash.
11/06/2012 6:46AM
Voting is easy in NYS - don't take it for granted.
Other states are trending fascist and trying to suppress the vote ... if you favor this you are not an American and your ideas are worthless. If you want suppressed democracy move to a banana republic or a state with a crooked Republican governor (sorryfor the redundancies).
11/06/2012 10:15AM
Suppression of votes?
Checking ID's to make sure people are Americans is suppressing votes? Are you kidding me??!!
11/06/2012 10:25AM
It is also easy to produce an ID that proves I'm an American citizen.
11/06/2012 11:39AM
Just voted for Romney-Ryan. Deal with it liberal trolls. Also I'm glad they asked to see my ID. All that talk of "Voter Suppression" is leftist non-sense. The left just wants to steal elections by letting people who can't vote legally vote. play fair or go home. May the best man win.
11/06/2012 11:42AM
Suppression? You mean Justice
If you can't vote legally your vote should be suppressed. Follow the law and deal with it.
11/06/2012 11:51AM
Happy election day fellow American patriots!
And hey to you Republicans and Tea Party chumps as well.
11/06/2012 12:44PM
On voter suppression
How many wars have been fought, how many American lives have been lost, how many enemy combatants have we killed who have done less to violate our rights as US citizens than these GOP criminals who disenfranchise voters?
11/06/2012 2:16PM
voted early early early
big R & R whoooooo rahhhhh!!
11/06/2012 3:29PM
Republican parents:
Do you want to set an example to your kids by endorsing a candidate who reflexively, shamelessly, cynically lies about everything under the sun? Do you want to leave them a scorched environment? Do you want them to grow up in a society whose middle class is extinct? Then by all means vote GOP and continue believing every single lie you hear on WBEN.
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