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"Collins Defeats Hochul in 27th District Race"
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11/07/2012 12:43AM
Collins Defeats Hochul in 27th District Race
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11/07/2012 9:31AM
One small blemish in a glorious election.
Collins pfft. THANK YOU VOTERS. We as a nation dodged a bullet -- if we'd have given power back to the same people that nearly destroyed us under Cheney and the boy, we probably would not have survived as a nation. Thankfully we've got grownups in charge and a reason to be optimistic.
11/07/2012 3:38PM
Collins is dogmeat when he gets to the beltway
A Collins win...are you kidding me? The worst possible thing to happen to him was winning. A career businessman on his way to Washington while the majority of voters rejected a career businessman running for president. NOW IF THAT ISN'T THE ULTIMATE IRONY! Looking at what the climate in Washington has been and will continue to be, Collins is gonna wish in no time flat that he would have been better of losing. Good luck to ya Chrissy boy!!
11/07/2012 8:43PM
No Sandbaggers needed
Good bye Ms. Sandbagger, so sad - too bad. Take Pelosi with you.
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