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"Where Did Some Pollsters Go Wrong?"
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11/07/2012 5:53PM
Where Did Some Pollsters Go Wrong?
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11/08/2012 7:10AM
The legitimate polling firms were right. Fancy that!
You people demonized Nate Silver (but in earlier times your intellectual forebears demonized the notion of a round earth) but his forecast was 100% accurate, simply by analysis of existing agenda-free polling outfits. Of course if you actually believed Rasmussen or "unskewed polling" (cough) you might as well keep believing Limbaugh or Tom Bauerle because they tell you the lies you want to hear also too!
11/08/2012 7:33AM
As Megyn Kelly said to Karl Rove:
"Is this just math you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better?"
11/08/2012 9:15AM
On turnout
Perhaps the right-wing pollsters like Rasmussen anticipated the GOP would have had better success trying to suppress the vote. Thankfully Americans had their voices heard despite those who would prefer a banana republic plutocracy.
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