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"Does Fan Misbehavior Turn Off Other Fans' Going to the Game?"
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11/16/2012 5:40PM
Does Fan Misbehavior Turn Off Other Fans' Going to the Game?
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11/19/2012 12:34PM
I don't go because of the bad behavior
I suppose Kilgore cannot say "don't go to the Bill's games" but come on, "it's just a couple of people and the events are grossly exagerated"? Drunkeness, lewd and violent behavior are out of control at the football games! I have had free tickets offered to me but I will not go anymore because too many people cannot be trusted to behave and just have a good time. It is certainly not an event you can take children to.
11/19/2012 2:48PM
amateur hours
I've been a Bills follower since OJ Simpson, and I've attended a lot of games both the regular start games and the evening games and I've seen it all at the games. I bought a RV tem years ago to be able to attend and enjoy the tailgating experience, but the crowds at the games are just too much to handle. All it takes is 1 or 2 or a group of highly intoxicated so called fans to ruin it for all around them. The non stop profanity, being challenged to a physical confrontation because you try and get it across to these morons that you're there to enjoy the game not to hear/see them perform. So we now don't go into the games we stay in the relative safety of the RV in the parking lot and enjoy the game on the dish.....Sorry Ed but you are way off base on this situation
11/20/2012 6:06AM
game day
I would go to the games and sit in a private suite. Very comfortable and enjoyable. However after the game, sitting for two hours to get out of the parking lot killed the desire to go again.
11/20/2012 6:04PM
Game Days
I really wish that all sporting venues would curtail drinking at games, especially football. I'm not being biased, because of my love for baseball, because those who remember the Giants fan that was attacked at Dodger stadium sickened me as a die hard Dodgers fan. When is comes to football, there are tailgaters and much more drinking than at other venues. I would like to see the impossible dream of banning ALL alcohol at these events
11/21/2012 11:41AM
Shut up Ed...
I am going to take advice from a guy who has probably NEVER sat with the paying public?? No...Ed buddy sits in the heated/AC press box, gets free food at halftime and throughout the game, never has to wait to use the restroom, leaves the game after the place is empty. Shut up Ed!!
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