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"Homeless Man Shoeless again in NYC Despite Boots"
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12/03/2012 11:47AM
Homeless Man Shoeless again in NYC Despite Boots
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12/03/2012 2:20PM
The Artful Dodger lives.
First of all, I'd love to know where this guy hid the boots. (I suspect his sense of gratitude is hidden with them.) Secondly, if this guy is savvy enough to play the angles, i.e. asking for royalties for the use of his image, then he should become an entrepreneur & start his own business. Was Officer DePrimo paid for the use of HIS image? Thirdly, I doubt anyone will want to do anything nice for Mr. Hillman in the future, for fear of being billed for the privilege of serving him.
12/03/2012 8:55PM
What a kick in the but! The officer went out of his way to do something so nice and this is how the homeless man acts! I just shake my head in disappointment and am speechless!
12/03/2012 10:37PM
People reading into this too much
The guy probably JUST wants literally a piece of pie.
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