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"Rumore: Extra Time in Classroom Not the Answer"
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12/03/2012 5:55PM
Rumore: Extra Time in Classroom Not the Answer
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12/04/2012 2:26PM
Rumore has no credibility
Whether or not a longer school day will improve the quality of the education experience is yet to be determined. What is known is that Buffalo Teachers Federation leader Phil Rumore is nothing more than a union hack whose soul function and purpose is tolook out for the teachers at the expense of the students. Teachers unions are a detriment to improved education!
12/05/2012 5:10AM
Rumore certainly does not have a clue
Phil Rumore states "not more of the same" admitting the issue is the people he represents. Although I do agree we need quality and not quantity, there has to be something done as what we do now is not working across the board. Teachers aren't allow to teach, they only are teaching to the state tests that are given. The whole system is a joke and the results are painfully evident in today's young people!
12/05/2012 10:26AM
Union Bashing
Everytime Phil opens his mouth people fine it convenient to bash him. What really needs to get looked at is the lack of a diverse education that needs to be offered to our children. Not every child is wired to go to college. We need trades people in the worst way. But all that is done is we teach to the test and we offer the next thing to nothing in hands on education. The child that can't sit still for english and math might just be most suited to repair cars or build a house. A trades person that knows his stuff will not go hungry, there is always something that needs doing somewhere.
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