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"Obama, Boehner meet for an hour on \"Fiscal Cliff\""
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12/13/2012 4:18PM
Obama, Boehner to Meet on "Fiscal Dliff" Today
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12/13/2012 4:53PM
The Republicans don't get it. You have to go back to the Clinton era taxes, so the economy will grow, as we had a surplus at that time. The Bush tax cuts put us into this mess to start out with, then got us into a war that no one could pay for, where alot of our boys died senselessly. Consequently, we have this massive debt incurred over the Bush years in office. Obama has tried to fix it to no avail, but at least, he is trying to fix it. The only reason why the Republican Congress don't want the tax height on the rich is because they would be taxed themselves, and they certainly don't want that. Our economy failed with the Bush tax cuts. Common sense would tell anyone with a brain if the tax cuts worked so well for everyone, then why did the economy tank like it did? Maybe we should go over the cliff, then the Republicans won't even take the House next time around. They will get what they asked for and not be re-elected. If Romney had a plan instead of flip flopping so much, I would of voted for him amd I bet alot of other people would of, also, and he would be president, now.
12/14/2012 9:24AM
Re Mrs.
It's refreshing that a WBEN listener "gets it" in the face of the tsunami of GOP lies and propaganda this station grinds out constantly. Be aware that Willard Romney did have a plan: it was to further erode the middle class in favor ofhis plutocrats and billionaires. The country did the right thing by giving him, appropriately, 47% of the popular vote.
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