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"Leaders Speak Out on CT Shootings"
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12/14/2012 2:35PM
Higgins Speaks Out on CT Shootings
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12/14/2012 3:00PM
Shut up right wingers.
Just shut up. Don't say anything. Let the adults handle this.
12/14/2012 3:25PM
Wheel in Bob Costas next to make this show complete.
Every politician now stands up mightier than thou to use this horrific stage as a platform for their gun ban. I don't care if they make it more difficult to own guns, these types of disturbed people will always find the easy way to deliver their terror. These monsters will find any way possible to kill and kill as many as possible. Schools are a soft target that need to be significantly tightened.
12/14/2012 6:06PM
R Koch
They should NAME a New Federal Law in Memorial of the Sandy Hook Elementary K thru 4 twenty innocent Souls: "Anyone other than Law Enforcement, or Properly Identified Security, etc... is reguired to be searched by designated building Personnel whenentering any School, hospital,day Care, etc.. -and if Caught wearing any type of body Armor, bullet Proof Vest, and/or a Firearm will be Punishable by a more Severe-harsher Prison sentence if Conficted."
12/15/2012 7:44PM
So sad
I can't decide if I feel worse about this or 9/11...This involves kids....babies..and 11 days from Christmas. We need to all pray for these families and pray for our nation....I know it's easy to blame this sort of thing on things like video games and music but we really have to think about this especially when there are such ultra realistic uber violent shooter games available to kids....and let's not forget that "Batman:Dark Knight rises" came out on DVD less than a week ago...this reminds me of the Movie theater shootings...Could there be a relation? We'll never know because this coward chose the easy way out...
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