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"Mass Shooting: Searching for a Motive"
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12/15/2012 7:40AM
Mass Shooting: Searching for a Motive
What are you thinking?
12/15/2012 10:49AM
Caught a bit of your Limbaugh on your station yesterday claiming that he's the real victim here (as he did with the Aurora shooting) - it's a wonder you people can live with yourselves. Absolutely reprehensible. Is this the kind of public image you wish to project in the wake of unspeakable tragedy? No wonder people are rejecting your GOP in such large numbers.
12/17/2012 8:18AM
I think that for some reason, he did not feel loved enough by his mother. So he shot her - then went to her school and shot the students that he felt his mother loved more than she loved him.
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