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"What's Next for Kathy Hochul?"
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01/03/2013 5:51PM
What's Next for Kathy Hochul?
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01/04/2013 12:57PM
what's next?
How about a private sector job? Try something that doesn't involve tax payers paying her salary, pension and benefits.
01/04/2013 1:42PM
Mrs. Hocul's political career is not over
Kathy Hochul seems to be a very nice and intelligent person. She may have ran a "very good" campaign but it seemed very nasty and less than truthful to me. I wish she had taken the high road, but maybe you can't in todays politics. Goodluck to Congresswoman Hocul from one of those mean republicans.
01/04/2013 6:00PM
Gov Job
County ex
01/05/2013 5:45PM
Just a thought on Kathy Hocul
I wish her the best and I say this as a rock solid conservative. However I could never in a million years support her for any elected office due to her liberal affiliations. Still, I think she is hard working, sincere and does the best she can given the environment in which she has to work. And so, again, I wish her the best!
01/06/2013 11:42AM
Hochul Future?
I am sure she will do fine because Calabrese is right - people who are likable, sharp and intelligent do tend to do very well. You can spot them as soon as you talk to them. Personally I didn't vote for her. I think we need more outsiders in public offices rather than people who are so connected to the political machine.
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