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"Cuomo Pressing For Gun Control Deal Before State of State Speech"
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01/09/2013 6:27AM
Cuomo Pressing For Gun Control Deal Before State of State Speech
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01/09/2013 8:57AM
I deeply regret having just bought a house in this area. If I hadn't, I'd be leaving the state. The hysteria and idiocy of the voters in this state never ceases to amaze me.
01/09/2013 9:24AM
gun ownership
Cuomo and all the socialist minded persons in Washington are crossing the line and are creating a dangerous situation in this country. Most people understand that taking away guns that have numerous rounds in the clip is only the start. Hillary Clinton was on the path with the UN to bypass the Senate and House to confiscate all weapons.
01/09/2013 9:36AM
Law-abiding CCW
These new laws are beyond comprehension. They only hurt law-abiding citizens, they do nothing to stop the criminal/bad guy. On the international scale this type of legislation only gives the drug cartels another illegal product to smuggle and sell (at a high profit) to all the criminals in this country.
01/09/2013 10:41AM
It's a start
Time to stand up to those who advocate the massacre of children. The NRA has become a menace.
01/09/2013 10:53AM
Gun Control
This is turning out to be a political event for the Democrat party. Maybe Como and Obama should give up there body guards and their firearms. How can we teach our young men to the proper use of firearms and then tell them that when you get out of the service you can't have a gun because you might be a killer. We have laws for prostitution, but yet people still pay for sex, we have laws for drugs, yet we can still go out and buy any drugs we want, so all these laws are going to do is mark it harder for the people that are law abiding citizens. The Politicans are using a tragic event and capitalizing on it to further their careers. It's sad that we have come this far in the political world. I was a Democrat but i will change because of their views on gun control. Save our Constitution, its the only thing we have left to protect our rights.
01/09/2013 12:55PM
Gun Violence
Tough Gun laws = increase Gun violence. If you don't believe me look at Ilonois and look at Michigan. Gun violence in Chicago is off the chart vs Gun violence in Detroit is way down. So Cuomo is going to end his political ambitions or put his future in the hands of gun control. It was nice knowing you Andrew
01/09/2013 7:35PM
Gun Vilence?
please. I have never seen an angry bushmaster. I have never heard a pistol yell in anger. The person using the tool incorrectly is the violent one. God bless the sheepdogs.
01/09/2013 7:42PM
Gun control=tyranny
I am convinced that without action we are all going to slide into the abyss of tyranny. Action in stopping the people who continue to circumvent the constitution at will. The second amendment is there for all of us, lets remember why we are able have a standing army overseas.Our goverment should be paying people to own firearms.
01/10/2013 5:41AM
RE Tough Gun laws = increase Gun violence.
Wrong. Look at Australia, look at Guatamala. It's okay though, you're simply misinformed because you choose to get your information from right-wing propaganda outlets rather than from legitimate news sources. You may want to do something about that.
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