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"Senate OK's New York's Expanded Assault Weapon Ban"
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01/15/2013 6:51AM
New York's Expanded Assault Weapon Ban Approved
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01/15/2013 7:09AM
Thank yourselves for voting in a bunch of traitors...think before you vote next time... Or move. I can't be to unhappy though, it means more for me.
01/15/2013 7:14AM
Sad Day for New Yorkers!!
Once again the consitution is circumvented and millions of law-abiding citizens will be held accountable for the actions of 2 mad men. We will remember how you voted when it is our turn to vote.
01/15/2013 7:35AM
No debate! Wonderful. Law biding citezens rights are now more limited while criminals continue to break laws already on the books. The real problem is that mentally disturbed people and criminals are allowed to roam free and do what they wish, while a citizen has to pay for these people by giving up their rights. Why didn't our law makers keep the criminals in jail and the mentally unstable people in an asylum? We have turned the corner where only the tryrannical government has the guns and the people will be made slaves.
01/15/2013 8:28AM
Vote Grisanti and Kennedy out.
I hope the constituents of these two remember how they voted come election day and vote them out!!
01/15/2013 8:35AM
All is for the best
the government surely knows what is best for us! When they came for the smokers, I said nothing because I didn't smoke. When they came for my health care, I did nothing because I was healthy and didn't use it. When they provide fewer and fewer civic services, while taking ever more of our pay, we do nothing. While they print more money at an insane rate and fail to pass a singles budget in years, we do nothing. When we instal scanners at every travel hub and allow invasive searches of harmless old ladies, while leaving borders wide open...still we shrug and do nothing. When they come for my guns, I will not do nothing.
01/15/2013 9:01AM
At what point will the rest of the people in the state realize it's all about what they (anti-gun politicians) want downstate around NYC areas? Not one of the measures in the new bill would have prevented the recent tragedies that have been so widely publicized by the main stream media! Most of the non-NYC areas state senators were strongly against this bill but they were outnumbered by the NYC area lawmakers who think they get to decide what is best for society. I would strongly support any propsals to split the state off from NYC and surrounding areas! Why should the rest of the state have to continue to endure the burden of paying for NYC and being subject to their controlling dictators who think they know what is best when it comes to our own personal safety! They do not understand the needs of "everyone else" in the state and only care about futhering their own political careers.
01/15/2013 9:04AM
this is the last time i vote for any gun grabbers. they do not give a dam about the school children. but i bet the gov of new york feels safer because the guards he has will be exempt from the new rules. give the NRA ideas a try. my mags are mine. time to move to another state.
01/15/2013 9:29AM
No longer a tough decison.
There's been a tough decision looming over my family. To stay in NY state or leave. The Governor just made it real clear for us. I want no part of this state any longer with it's outright abandonment of concern for it's law abiding citizens. We jump through more hoops that other states just to pursue our given right and now Cuomo want's to make it even harder. What about enforcing laws on criminals that have been on the books for years instead of enacting new restrictions on those that abide by the laws? Good bye New York!
01/15/2013 9:30AM
this will do nothing but restrict the law abiding
What planet are these idiots from? Not one thing they voted on will stop anything. 7 round magazines are not even made for most guns. The only thing in there that makes even the slightest bit of sense is to sentence anyone shooting a fireman at the scene of a fire to life in prison for attacking a first responder. All the rest is do nothing fluff that won't do anything to stop crime. When this does not work what will they go for next? The attack on our Rights since January 1st is increasing at breakneck speed. We have Dictators instead of elected servants. The only interests they serve are their own.
01/15/2013 10:08AM
Another Freedom GONE
The American population is slipping into communism, one good idea at a time. Law abiding citizens take the hit Andrew can be considered for president, anyone that aspires to be like Obama has to go....Nothing in this legislation will stop a crazy person from comitting violence.
01/15/2013 10:09AM
It's a step in the right direction.
The NRA has become a terrorist organization. Regardless of the poorly-informed commentary here, most Americans oppose classroom massacres.
01/15/2013 10:42AM
There may be a bonus here!
Maybe all the rednecks, yahoos, survivalists and militia fetishists will clear out of our great state. Addition by subtraction! You people can move to Glenn Beck Land or the Citadel shangri-la and be with the cult. Don't forget the Kool Aid!
01/15/2013 10:45AM
Stop attacking the law abiding citizens
How does this protect our school children from those criminals and mentally insane roaming around with their weapons purchased off the streets. Maybe armed guards should be hired to protect our childen instead of picking on the lawabiding citizens!
01/15/2013 12:24PM
How is This Better?
The Govna claims he fast-tracked these new regulations to prevent crimes such as Sandy Hook and Webster. Does someone want to explain how any of these new regulations would have prevented either one of these atrocities? This is nothing more than a political power-grab at the expense of the law-abiding public!
01/15/2013 12:28PM
... I've been turned into a criminal. Apparently I'm the proud owner of an 'assault weapon'. One gun, one that never killed a living thing yesterday, may go out all on its own and tear up a city today. This unjust law puts morerestrictions on law abiding citizens and none on the criminals. Criminals who use guns do not use legal guns. DUH! That's why they are criminals!!
01/15/2013 12:34PM
Time to move out of New York
This law has nothing to do with saving lives and everything to do with putting Cuomo's face on the national news. This law does nothing except making criminals out of law abding citizens. As a police officer, serving this state for 27 years, I'll be a criminal the day I retire if I try to use the same gun I've carried, for 25 years to protect the people of this state, to protect my family.
01/15/2013 1:10PM
Cuomo just ended any chance at a presidential run.
01/15/2013 1:12PM
hey time to move out of NY
the real question is if youll use that gun to arrest me for not complying with an unjust law... Will you uphold your oath or bow down for your pension.
01/15/2013 1:16PM
Keep and Bare Arms
This sounds like an infringement on my right to keep and bare arms.
01/15/2013 1:23PM
a well regulated militia...
It's apparent that Albany has never seen "a well regulated militia". I wish someone would organize a parade to pass in front of the capitol in Albany with law abiding citizens shouldering their weapons. The right to keep and bear arms is intended to keep government in check. It's time to show the "elected elite" in Albany who really wields the power here.
01/15/2013 1:36PM
Registered Rrepublican Vote Grisanti Out of OFFICE
I am a registered republican along with all my family members. Everyone in this household has the same view, REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER. Vote Senator Grisanti out of office. We are all law abiding citizens. The only issue in this legislation we agree with is mentally ill individuals should not be able to purchase or have access to any weapons.
01/15/2013 2:03PM
Tyrants are running the state. My rights are being infringed upon.
Now the tyrants can know where the guns are so that they can confiscate them when the tyrants deem it necessary. Kinda defeats the main purpose of the second ammenment. The government is not supposed to infringe upon this right. Making formarly legal citizens law breakers overnight sounds like an infringement to me!
01/15/2013 2:24PM
I will Revolt
I will not disarm, I will not register, I will use my 10 round mags, and I probably will be arrested and become the poster boy for the 2nd amendment. The war starts there.
01/15/2013 2:26PM
Thanks for nothing
to the addition by subtraction comment: and the people that remain will have to pay more for the wonderful NYS government. This is not an emergency for Cuomo to abrogate the rights of citizens. Face it folks, we have a tyrannical government and Andrew Cuomo is taking another step to prevent law abiding people from doing something about it.
01/15/2013 2:30PM
Nah I will just leave
Rather than sell my "illegal clips" out of state I will just take my tax dollars out of state. Just moving to another state is an immediate pay raise making my current salary.
01/15/2013 5:11PM
Too bad Dylan didn't have a "tyrant" nearby to grab the bushwhacker from the madman. He wouldn't have had to die in a teacher aide's arms. Yes. We, the majority, are sick of this nonsense.
01/15/2013 5:13PM
Bare Arms
That says it all!
01/15/2013 5:53PM
Thank you Governor Cuomo
It's a positive first step.
01/15/2013 6:37PM
Go argue with Benjamin Franklin
In 1759 Ben Franklin said: "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety". Speaking of the tragedy at Sandy Hook,a news video show officers finding the assault weapon in the shooter's trunk. Question: if the assault weapon was used but the shooter never returned to his vehicle, then how could it have been used? Folks, we all have a duty to know facts. Read "your" Second Amendment". It belongs to you and is the right of last resort.
01/15/2013 8:41PM
Resistance to tyranny
The historical reality of the Second Amendment’s protection of the right to keep and bear arms has very little to do with hunting, shooting a deer, or target practice. More importantly, it was mainly meant to protect the rights of the people to shoot tyrants, or to remove a corrupt government or politician when the citizens decide our government no longer represents us. Our forefathers wanted the citizens to be armed with the same or at least similar weapons as the government or police.
01/15/2013 8:52PM
All options are on the table?
Can someone please tell me how the leaders in the NY Senate and Assembly are allowed to rush through a bill of this magnitude without allowing public hearings or comment sessions? There also was no committee testimony, and the proper legislative procedure was not followed. The bill was passed by the Senate less than three hours after it was formally introduced and probably not even read. Our constitutional rights have been violated by those who swore to protect and uphold them. I feel they are now guilty of treason and should be removed from office. The citizens of this country should carefully consider all options at this point both within NY State and the nation.
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