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"What an Economist Anticipates Over the Next Four Years"
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01/18/2013 5:52PM
What an Economist Anticipates Over the Next Four Years
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01/21/2013 9:55AM
Well played WBEN
Today's poll certainly poses a dilemma for an audience that gets nothing but Obama-hate 24/7. Either it's do-nothing gridlock or pursuit of the socialist communist fascist Kenyan secret autocracy! And on MLK day to boot, a day that's certainly resented in the trailer parks where the radios are tuned to AM 930 night and day. Thanks for the laugh WBEN and congratulations Mr President!
01/21/2013 10:13AM
It could be much much worse.
We could have been inaugurating Willard Mitt Romney today. Remember him? The one who lies about everything? He'd tell you today was Wednesday if it meant cadging a few more sucker-votes from the gullible.
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