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"Senator Seeks Repeal of Gun Law ; Others Talk of \"Tweaks\""
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01/22/2013 5:47PM
Senator Seeks Repeal of Gun Law Through Online Petition
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01/23/2013 7:43AM
01/23/2013 7:44AM
#1 LIE in CUOMO'S Speech
PLEASE READ !!!! According to the New York Hunting Regulations - ( the ones he signed ) it is illegal to hunt deer with a rifle that has over 6 rounds!!!! I believe it is on pages 14-16 in the 2012-2013 hunting regulations. To Quote " It is ILLEGAL to HUNT WITH 10 ROUNDS TO KILL A DEER " Someone tell it to the OUTRIGHT LIAR !!!!!!
01/23/2013 8:03AM
Please repeal this unconstitutional law.
01/23/2013 8:44AM
it is about time that SOMEONE is going after a "knee jurk Law" instead of going after honest citizens who just like shooting sports,go after the criminals... jaming a not thought out law down the throats of the individuals who live in this screwed up hand out state...
01/23/2013 8:51AM
Cuomo should be ashamed
I am glad someone is standing up to Cuomo and this draconian law. What part of "Shall Not Be Infringed" escapes him? All this is doing is making criminals out of otherwise law abiding citizens. My Ruger TEN yes TEN/22 is going to be illegal to shoot as it came from the factory over 30 years ago. Most 22 rifles that are magazine fed have a magazine of over 7 rounds so you are going to be a criminal for using it to shoot tin cans? Maybe my guns are defective but they have never done anything unless I made them do it....
01/23/2013 8:58AM
gun laws
I agree there should be more punisment for shooting some one with a gun.Not just first responce people but it should read anyone shot with a gun you should get life in prison. But don't ban the so called assault weapons like the ar 15 because in western ny where I live there is alot of us hunters that use it for hunting coyotes,because it is light weight,and dose not mess up the pelt so we get more money for it.most of us dont even care about the clip size from 10 to 7 because most of the hunting is done with 5 round clips. please dont ban the ar 15 .
01/23/2013 9:07AM
01/23/2013 9:09AM
01/23/2013 9:37AM
Thank you...
... for taking up the fight to protect our constitutional right guaranteed by the second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. I support you fully!
01/23/2013 9:41AM
Thank you...
... for taking up the fight to protect our constitutional right to keep and bear arms guaranteed under the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution! I support you fully.
01/23/2013 9:46AM
Bill of rights not bill of needs
Deceitful bill since Gov knows they dont make 7 round clips. He is more interested in promoting progressive agenda and himself. If the limits on the 2nd amendment continue the 1st amendment will also have limits. How many words are you allowed? Whats thequota?
01/23/2013 10:08AM
I agree completely with the Senator's plan to repeal this draconian and punitive law.
01/23/2013 11:52AM
Move to Texas, gun nuts
They tell right-wing lies to children and they just had a school shooting yesterday; you'd be right at home. You can be their burden instead of ours.
01/23/2013 12:44PM
Please stop the craziness!!
First of all, thank you for portecting our rights. I agree with the other comments that this law will not stop the criminals, only hurt law abiding citizens. The illegal guns are the problem, not the legal ones.
01/23/2013 1:24PM
For approx. the last 50 yrs the M-16 and its variants have been the main stay of the US Armed Forces. As a Veteran, I have been trained in the care and use of the M-16 and by extension, its civilan counterpart, the AR-15. To obtain a pistol permit in NYS is a long and involved process that is costly in time and money. By the time training, pictures, prints, filing and the actual cost of a handgun, it makes sense for me to have a weapon I have already been trained and qualified with, i.e. an AR-15, to protect my family and home.
01/23/2013 2:16PM
police are to be exempt?
why? especially retired law enforcement. what makes them so special?
01/23/2013 2:20PM
Upside Down
It's taken 60 years or so to destroy Americans' knowledge of history and common sense. "Progressives" are trying to remake the US into another failed Europe. This gun law is just one stone in our foundation; Family, Honor, and Godare also under attack. We must re-take charge of America's destiny. Please fight to repeal this unconstitutional law!
01/23/2013 3:00PM
Move Britian Leftist Hacks
You will be right at home there.
01/23/2013 11:29PM
Cuomo right or wrong
Our constitutional rights have been violated. Cuomo took an oath to protect our constitution. These laws can not be enforced legally. Besides that governor Cuomo stated that he is pulling all state investments in gun companies. Well by doing so he first drove stock prices up when millions rushed out to buy guns before the ban. Then after enacting the laws caused stock prices to drop. I want to know when the state pulled their investments in gun companies. If it was prior to signing the law it is insider trading. Which if I remember the federal government imposing strict and mandatory penalties for insider trading by political officials. So who broke the laws now.
01/24/2013 8:24AM
7 Round clips
More people are killed by drunk drivers than guns. Yet a convicted felon can legally posess a drivers licence after a Felony DWI conviction. Thus putting a weapon back in the hands of said felon. Maybe we should limit the size of gas tanks. Maybe you can only have a ten gallon tank. Or better yet if you have a ten gallon tank you can only put seven gallons in it. One might argue this is rediculious. But another might say by placing limits of gas in the tank it may cause the driver to refill more often and by doing so we can catch a drunk driver before he kills someone. The limit of ammunition will not deter any criminal. Only a law abiding person will put seven bullets in the gun. So lets punish the law abiding and let the criminals do what they want.
01/24/2013 10:54AM
Freedom from Tyranny
Stop the tyranny , repeal Gun Laws for the law abiding
01/24/2013 1:18PM
Gun Registration
Gun registration will turn in to another money grab by Albany. People like to compare it to auto registration. I find it amazing that the computers at the D.M.V. can't remember who a car belongs to from year to year. The first time is registration,every year you keep that same car it's a tax. Call it a fee, surcharge, or registration, it's all still a tax It will be the same for guns, and their owners.
01/24/2013 3:48PM
gun laws
Stop the attack on our constitutional rights. I've had my guns for 22 years and never had any problems. I's not right to start charging us to keep them.
01/25/2013 11:08AM
Reply for Gun Registration
You had to see that coming. A FEE for everything. New York is all about taxes and fees. We have to pay for the Governors mansion somehow. However I don't feel our constitutional rights should be taxed or riddled with fees. There needs to be a line drawn between rights and privledges. Government has become organized crime. At least when there was mafia, people got something in return for their money.
01/25/2013 11:20AM
Law enforcement with guns
Why are law enforcement and retired law enforcement exempt from weapons bans? Do they not committ violent crimes? A civiliam gets shot. Do police stage a statewide manhunt to aprehend the shooter. No, they take their time and sometimes never catch the individual responsible. But a Police officer gets shot and they drop everything and devote all resources to nothing but getting the responsible party. Bucky Phillips comes to mind. Example of a cop with a chip on their shoulder hell bent on vengence. Actually their vengence lead to a tragedy that could have been avoided if they were patient and let him go for a couple weeks and then calmly showed up to arrest him. Remember who let you down next time you go to the polls.
01/26/2013 3:52PM
He does not believe in the Law abidding Citizen
When any Politician can find it best to go after law abidding citizens, rather then take on the hard task of going after the mentally ill, or criminal minded. Then as a Nation we are in trouble, especially if one segment of the greater population agrees with such actions. What Gov. Cuomo did was just plain WRONG. First repeal and void the law, then have discussions with everyone to come up with and understanding that works. This law will not save, not one life.
01/27/2013 5:30PM
Adolf Cumo
Repeal this foolishness and send Mario back to Nintendo Land!
01/27/2013 5:57PM
un laws
Don't let them make any tweaks to the gun laws,This comeing wendesday,unless thay drop the assult weapones ban.
01/27/2013 10:25PM
DWI versus Gun laws
More people die each yr in NY from drinking & driving then do from gun crimes. But we dont see our govenor attacking stricter drinking and driving laws. My guess he drinks and doesnt enjoy target shooting and that would infringe what he likes to do.
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