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"In Amherst, Shovel Now or Pay Later"
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01/23/2013 5:45PM
In Amherst, Shovel Now or Pay Later
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01/24/2013 1:49PM
snow removal on side walks
Our side walks were installed by the town this summer and they are close to the street and when the plows come through the heavy snow is placed on the sidewalk the corners are even worse. Very difficult to remove especially for older people. Did you think about considering this in your many many studies that mean nothing.
01/24/2013 7:18PM
Think of it this way. By owning a house or business you take "responsibility" for your property. This includes your lawn, sidewalks, driveways, and home. If you don't take shovel your walks or driveway and somebody falls and gets hurt YOU as the owner are responsible. So whats cheaper shoveling or paying somebody to shovel or having to go to court cause of your irresponsibility as a property owner. Grow up i have a corner property and have twice as much to take care of as a normal home owner in the area. Quit thinking someone has to do your work for you.
01/24/2013 7:31PM
snow removal resolution
How about a resolution about people walking in the street in the middle of summer. Is this not a safety issue? To drive down my street any time of the year winter or summer sidewalks clear or not it is not unusual, sometimes 3 to 5 abreast, to see people walking in the street. I have lived on my street for over 40 years and my sidewalks have been cleared of snow as soon as feasible including the blizzard of 77. On 3 occasions I have seen people walking down this street who have been hit by cars. You know the drill when this happens, insurance goes up, lawsuits are filed,etc. it is always the drivers fault.
01/25/2013 1:20PM
What about the pesky pedestrians?
I am one of those dunderheads who snow blows along my side of the street for the entire block. Older folks need help, etc. Anyway, no one ever uses the sidewalk anyway. I don't understand it. How about issuing tickets to them for walking in thestreet?
01/25/2013 2:14PM
In Amherst, Shovel Now or Pay Later
"Fed up with seeing people walking on the shoulders"... It always starts with being "fed up" with some annoyance. Just how many people in Amherst walk on these busy streets? Very few! And those who do are mostly teens who don't care where they walk. Now they want to make war on the town because someone has 3 inches of snow on a sidewalk that will not even be used. If you want to be safe, take it on yourself to be safe. Don't walk in the street if it's full of snow and busy with traffic. Chasing down 535 miles of sidewalk clearing is going to be an extremely costly and fultile exercise.
01/27/2013 10:17AM
Amherst town board,WHO IS KIDDING WHO
I am fed up with the town trying to get more and more money out of our pockets. Why don't they address the real problems ,I would rather fall on a snow covered side walk ,than one of bare concrete HELLO.
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