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"Boy Scouts Reconsidering Stance on Gay Members"
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01/28/2013 2:41PM
Boy Scouts Reconsidering Stance on Gay Members
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01/28/2013 5:16PM
Yes and No
The BSA has every right to restrict the membership of their organization, however in today's day and age and with membership lacking it might not be the smartest idea. I'm a scout dad and honestly believe that the lessons and skills taught the kids will last a lifetime, but the BSA as an organization is in sore need of an update.
01/29/2013 11:34AM
boy scouts
have you ever seen the gay pride parade
01/30/2013 7:03AM
I’m tired of gay rights being force into everyone lives
We are losing our freedom of religion We are losing our freedom to bear arms By whom but special interest groups We are told how to feel and what to believe. The BSA should be making decisions based on what is best for the origination, not because it is being forced upon them. Let’s stop branding people with titles, gay or straight, judge on abilities and what we can accomplish together
01/30/2013 9:32AM
Gay rights
Let the gays keep their rights in the closet in the privacy of their homes rather than intimidating others who don't share their life style. Gay pride parade? That says it all. Disgusting!!
01/30/2013 9:37AM
Past Scout, Past Leader/Scout Dad, Current Volunteer
If you are a "fisherman" you do not fish in a parking lot, you go to the water. Yes, it's hard to stop abuse, we do not need to make it harder. Approve this measure.... I'm out ...see ya!
01/30/2013 4:21PM
Gays and scouting
Are the scouts going to have to have "Glory-Holes" in their tents now? I can just imagine the 'new' uniforms the homosexuals will be demanding, because if you give in to this, it will be just the beginning, not the end.
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