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"Chippewa Commingling Law Challenged in Court"
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01/29/2013 5:45PM
Chippewa Commingling Law Challenged in Court
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01/30/2013 12:24PM
Chippewa Commingling Law
I understand the rationale that if a young person is old enough to fight for our country admission to a bar should be allowed. Chapter 9 of the NYS DMV Manual stares, "Young people, who have less experience with both alcohol and driving, are at greatest risk. Drivers under 21 years old represent about 5 percent of the driving population, but 15 percent of the drivers involved in alcohol or drug-related fatalities. This is one reason the license revocation penalties are more severe for young drivers under the influence of alcohol or other drugs." Given the number of accidents involving underage drinkers, I hope that the law remains in place. The young man states that he only wants to patronize Chippewa establishments. How will he deal with the temptation of an older patron encouraging him to have "just one drink."
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