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"Chicken Wings Not Costing Chicken Feed Anymore"
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01/31/2013 6:13PM
Chicken Wings Not Costing Chicken Feed Anymore
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02/01/2013 10:15AM
You Missed a Big Reason for this increase
McDonald's is testing McWings in Atlanta and Chicago markets. There is a shortage due to some of the reasons stated in this brief article. But when a giant like McDonald's adds or contemplates adding a new item, they pre purchase and store enough so if they roll it out nationally, they have enough. McDonald's has 14,000 US locations. Get used to paying $10-13 per 10 wings. At that cost, if you are getting large, quality wings, they cost the pizzeria/rest about 42%. That still breaks the industry food cost rule of thumb of 28-33% food cost.
02/03/2013 8:15PM
Chickan Wings
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