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"Obama Stands Firm on Gun Control Despite Long Odds"
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02/05/2013 9:24AM
Obama Stands Firm on Gun Control Despite Long Odds
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02/05/2013 10:29AM
This article
This article is nothing but a sham. If any of you people actually believe this, then you need to research history a bit. Once again, sweet talking obama (yes, purposely not capatalized) is trying to brainwash the public. Kinda like not raising taxes...
02/05/2013 1:02PM
your polls are wrong,
i don't know where you get your polls but i really think that the dems and liberals are in trouble, hay your way of thinking never worked before, look at history, obama needs to take care of the economy and keep this country safe, other than thathe can stay out of our lives. we're not as stupid as you think, most of the informed voters can see what's happening.
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