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"Dyngus Day Organizer to Cooper: Don't Pull a 180"
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02/07/2013 4:34PM
Dyngus Day Organizer to Cooper: Don't Pull a 180
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02/07/2013 5:10PM
Dobosiewicz needs to get a life.
So so - embarassing. This man is making our city look like a joke. Begging Anderson Cooper to come here, please find a hobby.
02/07/2013 9:45PM
Anderson is a joke. I guess it's OK to laugh at Polish Americans. In Buffalo, we ALL have the oppertunity to celebrate St Pat's day, Dyngus day, etc... We don't need him here to celebrate our MANY ethnic traditions. Anderson, stay home!
02/08/2013 7:40AM
Forget Anderson Cooper
We should get that Bill Geist guy from CBS Sunday Morning to come. He'd have a great time, do a great segment, and probably take some shots at Cooper while he was at it. Besides, does ANYBODY care what Anderson Cooper thinks?
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When it comes to this Donald Trump quoute: 'Russia, if you're listening I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.'
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