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"Paladino Flips Off Dicker At Gun Rally"
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02/13/2013 7:55AM
Paladino Flips Off Dicker At Gun Rally
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02/13/2013 8:13AM
Classy as always
This is a good example of how the GOP strategy of mobilizing the mouth breathers has backfired. Republicans will never win general elections again.
02/13/2013 9:26AM
Put these brats in the time-out corner
First, I want to go on record as saying that Paladino is an embarrassment to the area and I don't understand why anyone consults him for his opinions or "leadership" on any matters of importance in the area. Having said that...Dicker started this round when he made a comment on his radio show that if background checks are done on people applying for gun permits, Paladino would show up at the top of the "mentally unstable" list. He immediately followed that comment by saying that Paladino had just shown up at the studio window and flipped him the bird as his response, so he obviously must've known that Paladino was in the building and within earshot of his comments. Of course, Paladino's momma must've never told him how to be a bigger person and ignore instigators; his response was childish to say the least. Dicker baited Paladino and Paladino stupidly fell for it.
02/13/2013 9:54AM
Paladino is a lot more honest than Cuomo.
Paladino tells it like it is. You know what's he's thinking. Our regular NY politicians are deceitful and can't be trusted. You might not like what Paladino says but you can be sure it's from him. Paladino, frontal assault, Cuomo, back stabber.
02/13/2013 12:35PM
Fred Dicker needs to be flipped off. Perhaps a bootprint on the back of his pants as well.
02/13/2013 3:39PM
A true embarrassment to WNY
People outside of the area must think we're a bunch of morons.
02/14/2013 10:37AM
The right way to do it
Paladino may not appeal to everyone but when all indications point to "stupid" then that's the term he uses. Today's society wants to sugar-coat everything so as not to offend anyone but allows issues to continue unabated because nobody really knows what is going on. I would prefer Paladino's up-front honesty to Cuomo's Hitler-style anti-gun rant with absolutely no basis in documented fact that had him looking every bit like a drooling escapee from the nut house. By the way, we all know Cuomo, Obama and Bloomberg each have a heavily-armed posse that will never go away, even though their flawed logic means there will never be another shooting in America. Yeah, right!
02/14/2013 11:27AM
No Duh!!! Wouldn't you think so too??? Look at the people New Yorkers elect! Both Cuomos (you like your taxes?), Sheldon Silver, Shirley Huntley (D-Queens), Vito Lopez (D-Brooklyn)... Need I go on? How about Naomi Rivera and Bill Boyland? Do you want the list of NY elected officials that are currently behind bars? Why do you think Palladino and others intelligent enough to see the big picture, are so sick of the fecal matter coming down onto us from the thiefs in Albany? Open your eyes!
02/14/2013 1:20PM
Carl relays message well
Mr. Paladino expresses the collective frustration of all the tax paying law abiding citizens who are subject to Cuomos dictatorship.I would vote for him again and I applaud him.
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