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"WBEN Extra: The Minimum Wage"
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02/14/2013 5:19AM
WBEN Extra: The Minimum Wage
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02/14/2013 5:33AM
Simple rule of thumb
If Republicans oppose something, that means it's good for America. If they're for it, it's destructive. Presumably you've been awake the past twenty years. Support the American middle class and reject the GOP.
02/14/2013 11:30AM
Minimum wage laws price workers w/low or no skills out of the market place. It hurts the very people it is claimed to help. Unions like a forced increase in the minimum wage because they can then lobby for higher wages for their members and blame it onthe increase in the minimum wage. NYS government and the federal government have no business getting involved with arrangements made peacefully and voluntarily between employer and employee. It is none of their concern.
02/14/2013 12:19PM
Hurts workers
A legal minumum wage hurts the very workers it claims to help. Unskilled an low skilled workers may not have skills worth 7.25/hr let alone $9/hr so they don't get hired. If they could come in at a lower wage an improve their skills they would then make more money. Besides that, it is none of the governer's or the president's business what arrangements are made between employer and employee. Absolutely none of their business. Unions only care about this because they can use it to lobby for higher wages for their members.
02/14/2013 12:27PM
Hurts workers
Raising the minumum wage only hurts the workers it claims to help. It prices low and unskilled workers out of the market. If their skills aren't worth $7.25/hour etc. then they won't get hired. If, on the other hand they can work for less than $7.25/hour an develop their skills they win. Otherwise they remain unemployed. This is no one's business except the employer and the employee. The President and Governor should stay out of this.
02/14/2013 2:09PM
minimum wage
Minimum wage was not made to be a living wage if your working a full time job and they are paying you minimun time to find new job Dems are idiots
02/15/2013 10:51PM
The other alternative
It's not meant to be a living wage - fair enough. A legal minimum wage somewhat hinders small business whilst simultaneously preventing corporate giants from grinding the average person into the ground before they get a chance to even try to get higher and do better. It assists in providing people with enough income to sustain themselves so that they have a minimum or complete lack of government assistance. Ideally, it would make it so someone like myself doesn't have to work 60hrs a week at above minimum wage and still barely be able to afford to live a rather quaint life, and perhaps free an extra 20hrs a week to go back to college and get further removed from the minimum wage trudge and toil. How about another nice idea? Since a small portion of the people control a large portion of the money, those small portion of people pay what they can afford - which is very, very substantially more than the rest of us can - and stop complaining and just stay home from Bermuda those two weeks out of the year? No, I'm not talking about the small business owner who typically does care a bit for his/her employees. Why don't everyone just stop jacking each other off and face the very obvious facts - everything "consumer" related, including jobs, is based on good 'ole supply and demand. Here's the kicker, the American workers have a supply too - the capacity to do the work. We know we aren't paid fairly and we know it's not typically a smaller business' fault. The end result of an actual "class war" is no lie. Read a few history books. You push people down far enough and long enough, and they'll spring back up, grab you by the nethers, and tear everything you believed the world was into shreds. And that's the lesson we learn from history - folks. Moral of the story? A very simple one - and a good code to live by. DBAD, or, Don't Be A D***.
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