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"Assemblyman Proposes Blocking Youth Football"
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02/14/2013 5:46PM
Assemblyman Proposes Blocking Youth Football
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02/15/2013 6:56AM
What is in the water in NYS? 2.5 years and we are out of this God Forsaken state. Might as well just turn your children over to the state.
02/15/2013 7:14AM
Every sport has its risks
We ban football today, then what ? gymnastic, baseball and hockey tomorrow Soon we have the kids sitting on the sidelines. Sports help in a child’s social development, instills team work, and gives a sense of accomplishment. When did special interest groups become the parents ? Our Culture is more obsessed than ever to dictate what is best for the individual, how to live, and what to think. We let “studies” do our rational thinking, justify our actions. Then “brand” it , this is for your own good
02/15/2013 10:04PM
go to south park studios and watch sarcastaball. that is what you have. No salt, no large soda, no polystyrene foam, no guns, no libery, no freedoms and no choice (except for abortion, thank you margart sanger). welcome to your tryannical oligarch government.
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