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"Genesee & Niagara County Lawmakers Take Aim at Gun Law"
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02/18/2013 5:43PM
Genesee County Lawmakers Take Aim at NYSAFE Act
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02/19/2013 9:17AM
Take aim
Why not take aim where it matters,directly at the "individuals" who are hell bent on pushing their crazed Liberal agenda. Liberal Democrat politicians know damned well what they're doing and they're well aware there efforts are not about controling guns it's about controling you,also on their agenda is a government takeover of the internet,why? because they don't currently control it now that's why, freedom of speech is also on it's way out unless genuine action takes place to stop these "individuals" in the dark.
02/19/2013 9:22AM
The elected officials in Albany have to be made aware that average gun owners are not criminals and refuse to be treated as such. Our Rights are being taken away with laws that do nothing to stop criminals. I am glad that the Counties in Western New Yorkare voicing opposition to the New York SAFE ACT...... Now we need the local law enforcement in Western New York to refuse to enforce the new law as written for being in violation of The Bill of Rights.
02/19/2013 11:17AM
Your Sister
I think it's great that you're looking into this. They did pass that bill way too fast. Genesee County is all about hunting. Good luck.
02/19/2013 1:01PM
Hit Albany in their pocketbook
It's time we start fighting Albany with the only thing they understand. I think gun owners, and others who believe in the Constitution, can gain some leverage, by withholding some of money, N.Y.S. depends on. Stop buying lottery tickets. Avoid paying Thruway tolls, and don't go to state run casinos, till the Safe Act is repealed.
02/19/2013 4:15PM
Keep up the pressure
Gov.Cuomo and Duffy are both feeling the heat. Proceduraly incorrect actions should bring uprise of citizens. These people feel they can do as they please - for far too long we have been complacent. Dont hide your guns - exercise your rights.
02/19/2013 9:28PM
step up
Being a long time Genesee county resident I'm glad to see the county is stepping up with the other counties from western NY.It's not about deer hunting and not about target shooting.It's about the 2nd amedment to the constitution of theunited states of america.
02/20/2013 5:47AM
Turn the tables?
If we keep voting in schmucks that passed this bill they will only keep trampling us with their own agenda and not the common citizens. Remember they work for us not the other away around. "Corrupt politicians" make corrupt laws! The criminalor mentally ill will not comprehend any law and this only "handcuffs" law abiding citizens. They "assaulted" our rights, they are the "assault weapons"!
02/20/2013 2:28PM
That,s right lock and load, load the system with law suits, litigation and lock,em up if they don,t comply to the will of the people,"WE THE PEOPLE" Don,t make us do something we,ll all regret. What part of shall not be infringed don,t they understand? Awoman has a right to choose to end a life, We have right to protect ours, PERIOD! HAVE A NICE DAY!
02/21/2013 7:50AM
Sons of Liberty
Just like the tea in Boston this Safe Act 2013 bill needs to be dumped! Do not be duped by their thinking they know whats right. Was it right to tax unjustly our forefathers as they proposed it. By their reasoning does it make it right or just, no not at all. Are "YOU" a patriot or redcoat? Will you bend over and take it the wrong way, everyday in every way as "they" will it? Or will we unite and fight to right the wrong afforded us by an out of control government. Infrigement of 2A is not a option we can relent to or reason to. Injustice of our right is bad policy and only weakens any good conscience to which was framed by the framers of our constitution.
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