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"Man Admits to Sodomizing 6 Week Old"
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02/19/2013 12:27PM
Man Admits to Sodomizing 6 Week Old
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02/19/2013 12:51PM
I hope that some justice occurs while this waste of air is in the system. There is nothing to be done with someone as low as this cretin except to make sure he never sees a day of freedom again.
02/20/2013 8:37AM
Can We Bring Back The Death Penalty? At Least For One Day?
Thank you.
02/20/2013 1:28PM
Reap what we sow
We, in this country, are reaping what we have sown! Godless, imorality runs ramped. Thank goodness this child was so youge and may not remember this.
02/21/2013 8:51AM
Can not get much lower than this.
Unfortunately, babies as well as children have no say as to who will enter their lives. They truly have no voice in how they will be raised and treated by adults who are their caregivers. How pitiful for the little ones.
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