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"Webster Block Sale Approved"
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02/19/2013 1:42PM
Big Day for Harbor Center
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02/19/2013 4:45PM
Are you kidding?
I was recently speaking with a colleague that did not know I was born and raised in Buffalo. When he found out he spoke to me about it. The one comment that stood out in the conversation was his calling the place a "ghost town." He told mehow during his business trips to Buffalo he never sees people in the streets. Maybe if people allowed progress, people would come to town and spend money. Hiding in the suburbs is not going to keep a city alive.
02/27/2013 6:54PM
Also have heard that the city of Buffalo is a ghost town. Not many want to take the trip to the city and I have heard they tore out the subway because no one was using it. We used to live outside Buffalo but haven't been into the city in a long time. You are right - - hiding in the suburbs which most people now do won't keep the city alive. Buffalo is trying to bring the people back to the city but nothing really seems to work.
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