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"Niagara County Latest to Urge Repeal of Gun Law"
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02/20/2013 7:38AM
Niagara County Latest to Urge Repeal of Gun Law
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02/20/2013 9:43AM
Do Not Comply
Most people don't even realize that NYS Liberal Democrat politicians have made slingshots illegal, NYS is the laughing stock of the country because of the crazed Liberals you mindlessly keep reelecting. This gun thing doesn't have a thing to do with your safety,Liberal Democrats are more worried about theirs. They have a really spooky agenda they need to advance and even the dopey brain stuck voter that elected power mad crazies aren't going to be very happy with them,and when the peons are armed that's an obstacle that needs to be aleviated. Pretty soon everything I just wrote here will be illegal, snap out of it!
02/20/2013 10:34AM
To the Niagara County Legislature.... THANK YOU!! You voted as a 100% solid block to voice Niagara County as standing against Andrew Cuomo and his draconian law. I just hope that Sheriff Voutour refuses to enforce the law as passed because it infringes on the Rights of honest citizens.
02/20/2013 10:47AM
Cuomo,s latest screwup gunlaw
on the last count there are 29 counties that have passed resolutions to repeal. With 14 more taking up the motion. If this doesnt wake up albany nothing will .I for one will remember on election day!
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