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"Teachers Union Files Suit To Scrap State Property Tax Cap"
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02/20/2013 11:20AM
Teachers Union Files Suit To Scrap State Property Tax Cap
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02/20/2013 11:50AM
Little Girls!
02/20/2013 12:19PM
teachers union
The school district will have to learn to live within thier means,for too long they have had a blank check under the its for the children excuse.As Gov. Cuomo pointed out throwing more money has not improved results.It amazes me that the government can never cut a penny but the taxpayer is forced to come up with hundreds more constantly, we are taxed to the max already what don't they understand? It makes no economic sense to stay in this state thats why people are voting with thier feet & leaving in droves!
02/20/2013 2:39PM
Tell the teachers the next step is to have them work all year for their current annual pay with 2-3 weeks off like the actual working public has to deal with, along with retirement allowed at age 60. After all, it's "for the children" to better their education.
02/20/2013 3:41PM
let the teacher take a pay cut.
this union is getting to big its time the state get rid of this union like tennessee did. you wonder why so mamy people are moving out of ny, property tax is killing retired people.
02/20/2013 6:01PM
NYS Teacher retirement system
"School districts paying into the NYSTRS,which has no amortization option, will see their contributions quadruple even under our rosiest scenario for asset returns over the next five years." This is a quote from a Dec. 2010 report on exploding pension costs in New York by the Empire Center For NYS policy. See http://www.empirecenter.org/Special-Reports/2010/12/pensionexplosion120710.cfm Suing the state over the tax cap might be good for teachers retirements, but will definitely be bad for tax payers if they are successful.
02/20/2013 8:42PM
Teachers lawsuit
Its timethis state and others tell these overpaid underworked teachers if your not happy with your pay structure seek other employment.In the real world whenever your contract expires and you hold out " you are replaced with non union workers " Everytime there is a no vote to raise property taxes in these school districts they the teachers send letters home with the students to scare the parents into re-voteing untill they get what they want.When there is a vote and it is rejected for that year thats it. Let these teachers pay for their own health care.I don't see any improvement in the students learning year after year.As a matter of fact the american students fall way behind the asian and the students from india.If your not happy in your job get out in the real world and you soon will see how hard you have to work sometimes for less pay and sometimes no health care with the job.Grow up and quit crying allthe time and suck it up.
02/21/2013 5:47AM
Teachers in WNY overpaid
There would be a line from Buffalo to Vegas to work as teacher with their pay and benefits--get real teachers
02/21/2013 7:52AM
property tax cap
Do these people live on the same planet as the rest of us ?Work hard all your life,pay your house and end up on the street because you could not keep up with the out of control property taxes in this state, I think we all know what the real truth is..........
02/21/2013 9:39AM
A tax cap?
Teachers are entilted to our money. That they have a 9 mo year, are exempt from taxes, can't be fired and head directly to tax free Florida with a state pension after 55 is not your business.
02/21/2013 6:22PM
Whey dont you teachers stop by and just take what u want off my house.........
The free ride is over teachers, time to stop stealing from from the tax payers!
02/22/2013 12:23PM
Teachers deserve ALL of our hard earned money!
Why should the teachers give back any of their 5 or 6 healthcare options. As you know they work 7hrs. a day for up to 180 days a year. You know its "for the children" that all these hardworking teachers need access to your bank accounts. Theyneed more of your cash, and they are going to court to take it. we treat these poor things so bad.
02/26/2013 8:52AM
forget it
My daughter lost her job after 11 years because the other teacher's wanted to save themselves.NYSUT does NOT want to negotiate and would not take concessions!Some of the older teachers stay too long and pad those pensions.If they would scale down their pay steps, and take a bit less here or there,they wouldn't need taxes
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