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"Buffalo Sabres Fire Lindy Ruff"
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02/20/2013 3:53PM
Ruff Relieved of Sabres Coaching Duties
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02/20/2013 4:27PM
bout time
02/20/2013 4:29PM
Who cares
Who cares. Minor league team in a minor league sport.
02/20/2013 4:43PM
No leadership here
Jason Pominville should be next
02/20/2013 4:46PM
Too soon
The players need to be able to play the game first, before you blame the coach
02/20/2013 5:00PM
what a mistake, one of the best in the NHL
02/20/2013 5:02PM
Big Mistake, one of the best in the NHL
02/20/2013 5:11PM
What a bum, he got credit for what Ted Nolan built.
What a bum, he got credit for what Ted Nolan built. That was Ted Nolans team that went to the cup. Ted Nolan was coach of the year then fired the next year. Public was never told why, what good is the media?
02/20/2013 6:40PM
Unfortunate! Ruff is a good person and a good coach, but unfortunately the team was not responding. You can't fire the whole team!
02/20/2013 6:57PM
A Necessary Move
Lindy Ruff was a good player with heart, he became a great coach who, unfortunately, remained in his coaching spot way too long. He was convinced to remain as the coach years ago, which was a mistake. A great guy and I wonder if this roster has half the heart he had as a player, I guess time will tell. I wish him the best, as do I his permanent replacement.
02/20/2013 11:56PM
Please stop with Nolan. The guy is toxic.
02/21/2013 6:19AM
One down one to go
I think Lindy was a class act but in the world of sports you must win and if you don't it leads to a shake up. Ever since 06 07 it has sort of been well, coulda, woulda shoulda. I hope the shakeup is complete and Darcy is the next to shortly.
02/21/2013 8:43AM
too early
They could have at least waited to the end of the season.
02/21/2013 8:45AM
too soon
they could have at least waited to the end of the season
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