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"Gun Rally As Erie County Considers Sending Albany Repeal or Change Messages on Gun Laws"
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02/21/2013 9:01AM
Gun Rally As Erie County Considers Sending Albany Repeal or Change Messages on Gun Laws
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02/21/2013 10:36AM
Repeal it!
NY should repeal the law ASAP. If not, tens of thousands of productive NYers will leave this state for a state with more personal freedom. We will take our wealth and small businesses with us.
02/21/2013 12:05PM
Child Safety????
How can Gov.Cuomo pretend to care about the welfare of our children when he loudly and contentiously calls for a late stage abortion law which would ultimately end the lives of many babies right before birth?. How can he wonder why crimes by guns,or by any means,happens when he is encouraging people to disregard life at its most innocent?
02/21/2013 12:11PM
Repeal and Apologize
The miscreant politicians who actually voted yes on this piece-of-garbage legislation should be embarrassed that they did so. Allowing themselves to be bullied by Legislative peer pressure shows them for what they are: weak and pathetic.
02/21/2013 1:48PM
Repeal it!
The county legislators should vote to repeal the NY SAFE ACT and stand with the other surrounding counties that have voted for the repeal. The Law is Unconstitutional!
02/21/2013 3:17PM
Tell the truth
Cuomos original 11th hour "act" called for confiscation of all firearms in NYS. Now he is saying NYsafe won't take away guns. Gimme a break Cuomo, we are not idiots.
02/21/2013 5:18PM
backwards government
NYS Parole Board releases the Webster, NY monster murderer who kills our first responders, then NYS says they will impose harsher penalties on murder-suiciders. Stupid, lame, arrogant government suggests shotgun blasts into the night as a deterrent to crime. We're in trouble. Why are mentally challenged people consistently winning elections in NYS and DC?
02/21/2013 6:52PM
Stop the Insanity!
This governor is out of control. Cannot understand his fanatical desire to increase the number of unborn children destroyed in this state while at the same time using the concept of making New York safer through more gun control. Could it be a disgusting attempt to use these issues to improve his national political stature? Our President is determined to shove his ideas down the country's throat, and it appears our governor is doing the same.
02/21/2013 7:16PM
Thin End of the Wedge
The road to gun abolition will be lined with politicians saying "Don't worry - nobody's trying to outlaw your guns." There is no reason to believe that this law will be the "be all and end all" of firearm restriction. The manner in which it was crafted and passed should be an embarrassment to state lawmakers and a reminder to us of their often uselessness.
02/21/2013 10:29PM
gun insurance for more lawyers and politicians pay
this will lead to enforced confiscation
02/22/2013 8:42AM
NY SAFE Needs to GO !
We should not purchase Hunting & Fishing licences for 2013. This would BANKRUPT Albany....Just think, DEC Pensions, Hatcheries, sales taxes, sporting goods, & Parks!!! Just think of all the Liberals in their Subaru's with no parks to go to !!!!!
02/28/2013 1:02PM
New Gun Law
I’m so glad to hear that Tom Bauerle is attending the Gun Rally in Albany. Along with Carl Paladino, they will represent a faction of Western New York that is without equal in their ability to deal with difficult issues. In his run for governor, Paladino told a reporter that he would take him out to dinner. Together, these two citizens of WNY make a strong front in support for a future of gun use that would make us the envy of the early Western Frontier that has been eroded by a government of law and order. As noted in the Second Amendment: A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
03/04/2013 3:48PM
New York gun law
Information for thought: The Supreme Court can’t prohibit the video games that emulate the killing of many people including the law enforcement. What does this teach our kids? They quote the 1st amendment of the right to free speech. Then my question is how could anyone in their right mind take away my right under the 2nd amendment to own or have to register a semi-auto gun that can and does protect me. Is this because some people want to classify the modern muzzle loader our founders had (that was the assault weapon of the time) as an assault weapon now? Let me think about this, ok that took not much time. There is no difference in the concept. If you wish to continue to allow games and movies that assault people (these give misguided teaching to our children) under the 1st amendment then you must in all fairness allow the second amendment to stand. That means that the now modern semi-auto guns (called assault weapons by some) must be allowed to be owned and purchased. The muzzle loader was the assault weapon of our founding fathers. I agree that the 100 round clips are not the common use item for self defense, but the 10 or 20 round clips are. This has been uphold in the past by the Supreme Court, the ban that has taken place in many states now is not in accordance with our rights. So in all good conscience the Supreme Court must overturn again these unjust laws against the semi-auto that is now a common use item for defense.
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