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"CUOMO: NYSAFE Won't Take Away Guns"
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02/21/2013 2:11PM
CUOMO: NYSAFE Won't Take Away Guns
What's your message for Gov. Cuomo?
02/21/2013 2:17PM
Watch his mouth.....
You know how to tell if Andrew Cuomo is telling a lie??? HIS MOUTH MOVES!!! I don't trust that weasel any more than I would trust a pervert in a room full of children.
02/21/2013 2:23PM
I can't wait till its time to vote you out!
02/21/2013 7:33PM
Look up two words
I looked in MY dictionary under the words "gutsy" and "hero". I came up with "spineless" and "sellout". I prefer my definitions better.
02/21/2013 8:20PM
Who is fooling who?
Yeah right I believe him just as much as I believe Obama, Not one bit
02/21/2013 9:09PM
More Lies
Won't be heroes when they get voted out of office.
02/21/2013 9:26PM
Oh NO?
How about the REQUIRED registration or confiscation!! You lying POS. The BoR prevents any obligation on the individual to a government body in order to exercise their natural rights. No one is going to listen to you.. we don't give a Rat's A about your little law..
02/22/2013 6:24AM
Cuomo: Rants about hunting needs and the 2nd Amendment
The second amendment never mentions hunting.
02/22/2013 9:04AM
What a Joke Cuomo is
Another BIG Mouth Politician who wants to discard our civil rights and does NOT have a clue
02/22/2013 9:10AM
repeal ny safe
The canadian long gun registry cost 2 billion to set up, and 66 million to run per year. The result less than 30% of guns were ever registered. The law was repealed in 2012 after 19 years.
02/22/2013 9:14AM
You have lost my vote!
I am a democrat but I will not vote for anyone who has supported the SAFE Act. All it does is turn law abiding citizens into criminals. I live in NYC and will do everything in my power to make sure that Cuomo and any other politician that voted for the SAFE Act not be re-elected.
02/22/2013 9:21AM
Note he said that "politicians" were "heroes". He did not say your "representatives". I applaud our representatives who are seeking a repeal to the SAFE Act. They have heard what their constituents have said.
02/22/2013 10:25AM
Do Your Job!
You should of NEVER tinkered with the Second Amendment. Do real work and create real jobs with a strong manufacturing base! Reduce taxes and regulations and maybe then you might have a few voters then! No, mess with us and you mess with the wrong people.You and Michael Bloomburg are out of control and that is exactly why we need the Second Amendment!Both of you have clearly defined yourself's as well as the other debauched members.
02/22/2013 3:23PM
02/22/2013 4:08PM
What's your message for Gov. Cuomo?
California started with registration, Then added more restrictions on registered guns eliminating the detachable magazine altogether without tools. Now they have just announced confiscation of 40,000 legally registered guns owned by 19,000 people who believed California politicians. Cuomo your track record in housing speaks for itself. I am a former Officer who will be part of the up coming events.
02/22/2013 7:03PM
Smoke and Mirrors
If the NYSAFE Act does not take guns away or adversley impact firearm ownership then why was there such a rush to pass it in the middle of the night? If it was so great and honorable that so many "Heroes" voted for it why are the majority of New Yorker's against it? This man is a total liar and an embarrassment to New York. Maybe the "Son of a Orator" should listen to what the counties are saying about the law- Repeal It.
02/22/2013 8:28PM
whats next?
are you going to take away my assault hammer next? or maybe my assault rock? how about my assault vehicle? your a power hungry fool with a messed up agenda. lower gas cost create jobs and punish criminals not law abiding citizens.
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