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"Erie County Lawmakers Approve Resolution Against NYSAFE"
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02/21/2013 3:37PM
Erie County Lawmakers Approve Resolution Against NYSAFE
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02/21/2013 3:52PM
Thank you to the brave legislatures that stood up for the people of Western New York. Albany's laws against our God given rights will not be tolarated.
02/21/2013 4:02PM
Opposition to the NYSAFE Act.
I applaud those county legislators who voted to oppose and to repeal the unconstitutional NYSAFE Act. To those who voted against the resolution, I will actively campaign against your re-election!
02/21/2013 4:15PM
Opposition to the NYSAFE Act.
God bless all those legislators who held true to thier oaths of office. It takes courage to lead. You have my respect and my thanks.
02/21/2013 4:17PM
Betty Jean Grant, Timothy Hogues, Thomas Mazur, and Lynn Marinelli voted against the resolution. They are SCUM ! Theyre political careers are over.
02/21/2013 4:19PM
Thank you for helping us keep the second amendment alive
Just remember without the second amendment the rest will not stand so its about time the line in the sand has been drawn. I for one will remember on election day !
02/21/2013 4:57PM
same old same
the ones who voted against are all the ones that make all the trouble there also the ones who need to be voted out they back the dems in ny and do all they can to do bad to the people the people remember them come election day
02/21/2013 5:38PM
It is nice to know that some politicans still care about the rights of the American people. I applaude them for their actions.
02/21/2013 6:27PM
We need good people like the ones that approved the resolution against the NY UNSAFE act. All that act do is cause law abiding New Yorker's to loose Rights!!!
02/21/2013 8:13PM
I applaud Jean Grant, Timothy Hogues, Thomas Mazur and Lynn Marinelli for standing up for common sense against the irrational mob! Thank you for your courageous support for reason! Assault weapon must be banned now! Background checks are absolutely necessary now! Terrence McCracken shame on you!
02/21/2013 8:53PM
I am glad to hear the news that our county is standing agajnst this 'act'
02/21/2013 9:18PM
Rick O
According to gun-rights expert, Professor Raymond Kessler, J.D., "In truth, attempts to regulate the civilian possession of firearms have five political functions. They increase citizen reliance on government and tolerance of increased police powers and abuse; help prevent opposition to the government; facilitate repressive action by government and its allies; lessen the pressure for major or radical reform; and can be selectively enforced against those perceived to be a threat to government."
02/21/2013 11:47PM
Those who voted against the resolutin will be rememberd at the polls.as spineles Comos puppets.That would be you!Betty Grant, Thom Mazur, Tim Hugues, Lynn Marinelli. Thank You Legislators Who Opposed THE NYSAFE ACT.
02/22/2013 9:10AM
None of this has anything to do with us being safer,it has everything to do with us being weakend and less likely to do what our founding fathers told us we need to do when our government gets out of control and tyannical. These Liberal Democrats are more concerned with their safety as they should be.
02/22/2013 11:06AM
thank you all who stood up for the people,and yourselves.
02/22/2013 4:23PM
Those voting in favor of the resolution need more than applause. With a clear conscience as to what is and should be right in an act of repeal to this lousy law. Lets remember their stance and when we stand up to vote for like minded representation we also with clear conscience can pull a lever for them.
02/23/2013 8:25AM
Not enough
The lies our goverment puts in the media and those who believe it out weigh those who dont believe it.
02/23/2013 2:09PM
This so much more than just a "gun" issue. Every freedom we give up is the precedant that government cites when they look to take the next away. Political correctness is the assault on the 1st amendment, which has been very succesful and is the blueprint for the erosion of our other constitutional freedoms.
02/28/2013 12:25AM
Gun Control Is Really About People Control
If Guns Kill People, Do Erasers Make Mistakes? To Control Firearms Is To Control The People Who Possess Firearms. The Safe Act Will Not Stop Criminals As It Is Geared Solely To Control The Legal Firearm Owners. The Safe Act Will Add Legal Firearm Owners To The Ranks Of Criminals Because We Are Not Going To Give Up Our Firearms. In Addition, If Our Firearms Are Confisticated We Will Go Underground Like The Criminals To Replace Our Confisticated Firearms Thus Adding To The Criminal Ranks.
03/01/2013 12:11PM
Standing for the Constitution
Thanks, to all those who passed opposing this NYS Law.
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