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"How Much Higher Will You Pay for Gas?"
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02/22/2013 5:36PM
How Much Higher Will You Pay for Gas?
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02/25/2013 8:21AM
It's our own fault
We have to have it and they know it so as long as we keep on paying whatever they charge without actually "DOING" something about these Liberal Democrats like Schumer and his Gilibrand who would love $7 gas it will only get much worse.
02/25/2013 12:31PM
Gas prices
How high will it have to reach before the voters have had enough of do nothing Schumer? Maybe when no one can take a vacation or dinners out or just can't afford new clothes and we all start looking like hobos. $1.84 when Bush left office in case you forgot.
02/27/2013 7:37AM
Jim ski
When we sit on decades worth of oil so that Obama and his leftists, can pander to his Islamic brothers, we will eventually run dry ... of money! They, Schumer, Reid, Obama, Pelosi, want more impoverished people in order to be their "champion"! That's the left's political base, the poor, so they need more poor people! More poor are created daily ... thanks to the left. This country has, indeed, fallen ... Not defeated by a military enemy, but by our own. What a shame! I am so very glad to be old! I can't bear to witness this debacle ... !
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