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"Do You Have Enough Savings?"
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02/26/2013 6:51AM
Do You Have Enough Savings?
What would you do for that sudden car repair or doctor visit? When was the last time you dipped into savings, and why?.
02/26/2013 10:15AM
For me, savings is a lifestyle choice
I got into a bit of credit card trouble about 10 years ago when I was fresh out of college, and it took about 7 years to eliminate my credit card debt. Once I saw the balance hit zero I vowed to never let myself have a balance again. During that time I've changed jobs, been laid off 4 times, and picked up a car loan. Today I never carry a balance, and actually wisely on most purchases so I earn rewards. Then at the end of the week I pay off the entire balance. I feel a freedom knowing I'm not working simply to pay for my financial mistakes. I also feel a freedom knowing my car will be paid off in 2 months -- 2 years ahead of schedule.
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