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"Dreams of Gas Riches Fading for NY Landowners"
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02/26/2013 8:18AM
Dreams of Gas Riches Fading for NY Landowners
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02/26/2013 10:30AM
Alternate headline
Dreams of Flaming Tapwater Fading for NY Residents
02/27/2013 8:05AM
natural gas for auto fuel
The price of gasoline is approaching four dollars per gallon. If the fueling station around the corner offered a fuel for the car which provided all the same results per gallon i.e. mpg, h.p., and acceleration, wouldn't we buy it? We do it for a nickle now, certainly a buck and a half of savings would get our business. This is what natural gas could do for us as an auto fuel today. The engines are here (see Honda civic). We need more fueling facilities. The big trucking fleets are already using CNG for their fleets. We could maybe start by getting all of our levels of government to start using natural gas in all of their reciprocating engines. Federal, state, county and town trucks and tractors if switched to natural gas engines would be a start to bringing in natural gas fueling facilities. A bonus, natural gas emits far fewer greenhouse pollutants as a result of combustion. If something doesn't happen soon, natural gas will be sold on the world market and all cost advantages will be gone.
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