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"The Sequester: What's Going On?"
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03/01/2013 8:16AM
The Sequester: What's Going On?
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03/01/2013 9:12AM
If government budget cuts come, they should (no have to) include millions of dollars going out to foreign countries for their aid.....hey, help begins at home here in the USA.
03/01/2013 9:19AM
Once again the GOP holds America hostage.
Their mission is to drive up the deficit, kill jobs, and destroy the middle class and the environment. If you support these people you hate America.
03/01/2013 11:48AM
Higgins playing chicken little
after all of the same calls to raise taxes. Higgins is just following party lines, more bs. All this means is the government will finally start to live on less just like the rest of country. MR Higgins please just one time tell the truth, all of this will not kill us or cause us harm. It may on the other hand cause you to lose face as you will not be able to bring money that doesnt belong to you home for more make work programs,ie more welfare programs
03/01/2013 12:54PM
Party over country
Republicans want to default and destroy the economy for political gain. Party over country. Plutocrats over people. That's the reason for the sequester.
03/01/2013 4:17PM
anyone who think this is political, democrate vs republican are already brain dead
03/02/2013 6:51AM
Wheres the Democrats lead either from the controlled Senate or White House?
Can you Say " out of control government'. Lets raise taxes to 75%, no lets go 100% for all; and let them redistribute as they so knowingly know whats best for us because we just don't know how to think. Hello people it's called deficit. Lets print more money, it's become just as valuable as the board game "monopoly money". Why don't we all become federal employees, that would solve unemployment. And job growth would be no problem, just create another agency or two or fifty. It's so simple, everything is solved. Oh don't look up because the sky is falling
03/02/2013 8:05AM
Hey Republicans and tea bags
This is why the whole country hates you.
03/02/2013 5:49PM
Change program
Sequester is Obama's to own. His majority Senate hasn't passed a budget in 4 years; enough spending. Sequester amounts to decreasing what was already increased in budgets going forward. Congress gave Obama a flexibility option but Obama will inflict by his choice pain on people where ever he can cut to infuriate a frustrated public. Its Chicago gang thug style politics.
03/04/2013 6:33AM
Adios GOP
The silver lining to this is that the country understands this is 100 per cent the fault of congressional Republicans, and the voters will remember them in 2014. The only ones who will continue to vote for the Insane Party are ditto heads, who are thankfully dying off quickly.
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