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"In Depth: Albany Gun Rally"
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02/28/2013 5:10PM
In Depth: Albany Gun Rally
What are you thinking?
03/01/2013 6:27AM
Love It Or Leave It
This country was built on the back of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Many have died to protect it. You can't pick and choose what you like or dislike about it. It is the foundation of this nation. If you do not like what it stands for, then get the hell out.
03/01/2013 9:49AM
Looks like Alabama
How many of these bitter-clingers who claim loyalty to the Constitution would have joined the Confederacy in 1861?
03/01/2013 9:56AM
a handy chart
03/01/2013 9:58AM
a handy chart (with a link that works)
03/01/2013 2:05PM
Response: Handy Chart
Really? Cuomo has all the traits of a Hitler. A gun grabber, Period! Google made a swift move because they're in bed with the government. When searching if Hitler took firearms away all those documents were blocked in search results. Hmm... Sounds like State run media with only the governments propaganda filtering through.I'm GLAD for WBEN and its radio hosts for an outlet to real facts and opinions whether your on the left or the right. But if you look at the serious direction the country is moving we need to wake up NOW! Look into the Drudge Report or Infowars for interesting news or topics and investigate to what is going on. This gun act going on here and country wide is the governments way of getting us to the New World Order and Agenda 21 to at least some degree. This is coming from the right and the left of politics. That is not my America and never will be. We must resist the elitists and powerful bankers (7 in total worldwide). Yes, government is corrupt; its a corrupt system that's been in place for a very long time and why we need to keep it in check! We have been divided, fooled, lied to and deceived by those in government authority for far to long. I hope it is not to late to turn things around because momentum is not on our side.
03/01/2013 2:40PM
"Look into the Drudge Report or Infowars "
LOL! Might as well listen to Limbaugh if you want discredited propaganda. You sure have been "lied to and deceived" by turning to AM 930 or Fox "News".
03/01/2013 2:41PM
"Agenda 21 "
Double LOL. How many pairs of $130 Glenn Beck jeans do you own?
03/01/2013 4:23PM
Libs= people that cant stand the truth
after hearing about saul alinsky ,i went in search of and what i found out was if they cant read the thruth they will makeup more bs to confuse or discredit everyone who doesnt agree or believe the way they do. But you can beat them at thier own game with facts as they have none
03/01/2013 4:39PM
"after hearing about saul alinsky"
Triple LOL. News flash: the right wing media machine lies to you constantly. Facts, on the other hand, have a liberal bias.
03/01/2013 5:50PM
We love to laugh at and then ignore the trolls.....
Laugh at, pity...move on. Kind of funny that ignorance usually wakes up... when it has to or when it's too late.
03/01/2013 9:32PM
Sounds like a nerve has been struck with those with their hands out! Roll over and play dead you liberal lolipops and soft shoe schmucks that are always on the take. Your souls are hallow and your minds no longer know truth. Drink Cuomos , Bloomberg, Reid, Pelosi and Obamas KOOLAID you morans!
03/01/2013 10:30PM
Keep the heat on the "GUN ISSUE". Cuomo and the legislators who passed it are our targets, not this side that side. Though some gotta go. Oh by the way, curiosity breeds investigation and questioning but listening to talking heads with their teleprompter propaganda only produces "i hear crickets" audiances,duh!
03/02/2013 5:08AM
Coumo is Tyranny in Government!
"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government" -- Thomas Jefferson, 1 Thomas Jefferson Papers, 334
03/02/2013 5:10AM
Chairman Cuo Mao...
"Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest." -- Mahatma Gandhi
03/02/2013 5:13AM
Duke of New York Andrew Hitler...
"I hold it, that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical." -- Thomas Jefferson, Letter to James Madison, January 30, 1787 The people of the various provinces are strictly forbidden to have in their possession any swords, short swords, bows, spears, firearms, or other types of arms. The possession of unnecessary implements makes difficult the collection of taxes and dues and tends to foment uprisings. -- Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Shogun, August 1588
03/02/2013 5:17AM
History of Tyranny Repeats in NYS
Remember those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat its' mistakes...this is why we do not teach American History or History of Armed conflict against tyranny in schools...the liberals want good little workers who cannot think and will not question LIBERAL authority!
03/02/2013 5:19AM
Tyranny in Albany
One of the ordinary modes, by which tyrants accomplish their purposes without resistance, is, by disarming the people, and making it an offense to keep arms." -- Constitutional scholar Joseph Story, 1840 They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." -- Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759.
03/02/2013 5:22AM
"...quemadmodum gladius neminem occidit, occidentis telum est."
Translated...[...a sword never kills anybody; it's a tool in the killer's hand.] -- (Lucius Annaeus) Seneca "the Younger" (ca. 4 BC-65 AD),
03/02/2013 7:00AM
Too Tight
Some of these liberal boys have their "Michael Moore for President" briefs wadded up in a knot. lol
03/02/2013 8:50AM
Read Rules for RADICALS>S.A.
what a bunch of liberals on here,liars and theives and much more SCARY!! Our Constitution was made up ONLY for a MORAL(JOKE) and religious people.It is wholly inadequate to the government OF ANY other. John Adams(1798)
03/02/2013 8:57AM
To many liberals in WNY
Thomas Jefferson >Can the liberties of a nation be thought SECURE when we have REMOVED their only firm basis,a conviction in ther minds of the people that those liberties are the GIFT of GOD?COME from God, NO GOD no liberties(period (notes on Virgina,1782)thats why Sal A want FATHER OUT1
03/02/2013 9:13AM
Guess what right wingers
America hates you. Check any public opinion poll. You're idiots
03/02/2013 10:34AM
It's always entertaining...
... when progressives default to their usual name calling, and condescending rhetoric. Wish they could come up with something better than always referring to those who don't agree with them as "idiots", "morons", etc. and come up with something original rather than reciting whatever has been poured into their heads over the years. I believe that the first step for many of them is to have the top of their heads removed, remove cerebral matter, and reinstall sawdust in the cranial cavity.
03/02/2013 11:46AM
RE It's always entertaining...
It's always the height of irony when Limbaugh worshipers accuse others of name calling and reciting ideas that were "poured into their heads". Projection anyone? Mega dittos!
03/02/2013 1:36PM
Just as enertaining watching illegal aliens such as Piers Morgan who ran from Britain because he's a welcomed criminal here vomiting liberal venom. Britain owes us for damages!
03/02/2013 1:48PM
Agenda 21,anyone want to sign up today?
Check out all the US cities and local governments on board. Is this the way we are headed. If so I'm buying guns and ammo now. Darn I can't ... there's none to be had , the government took them all away. I guess I will step outside and plant a seed, harness the sun in my mind and believe that's the world I want to live in. We all can in unity make believe and hold hands now.
03/02/2013 1:53PM
cumo???????---was he the ny govenor----take him and his supporters ----down to the river -----
03/02/2013 2:49PM
RE Just as enertaining
(what is it anyway with teabaggers and spelling) That's funny coming from someone who worships Rupert Murdoch's whining and lying propaganda outlet.
03/02/2013 4:23PM
Al Gore, lmao! Sell to towel heads. Seems he likes that filthy environmentally dirty oil stained money but he has such great talking points, excuse me why I puke! Yes what a typical left move to make America more balanced. Have a look libby boys.
03/02/2013 4:41PM
This month marks the 10th anniversary of the Iraq invasion
You easily-led right wingers were wrong about that one, too. Just like you are about everything else. Good thing you're going extinct.
03/02/2013 4:59PM
Re 10 th anniversary
Lying liberal lefty. Iraq is over . Look beyond Iraq. Obama is a great community commie organizer and divider, you would rather spend money on free hand outs then defense. Its also funny drone usage increased 72% by the left as they still try to wind the war down. .
03/02/2013 7:25PM
Good thing you're going extinct.
George W who? Now get back to your filthy trailer park and turn on Fox News.
03/11/2013 6:17AM
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